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national no smoking day!

Well as its national no smoking day tomorrow,ive decided to TRY and pack up the dreaded weed,its going to be very difficult,cos ive smoked for 25 years (shame on me)so i have made this part of my journal,where i can let you know my progress smiley - grovel i shall have my last 'PUFF' at midnight tonight.
For each hour i go without,i shall award myself a smiley - star

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part 3>> hey your still here :O)

ok lets get down to the basics.
here is all i ask of you:Tell me your star sign and i will do the up most guidance,time preserving of course and i will tell you about your compatibilites and a little about your personal likes and dislikes,smiley - ok if i dont reply now,i promise i will get back to you smiley - peacesign and smiley - love to all smiley - cheers jackie smiley - discosmiley - discosmiley - discosmiley - disco

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part 2 of my journal..are you still with me? i hope so.

The cynic will usually ask 'how can a forecast for any zodiac sign be accurate for everyone born under that sign?'The obvious answer is of course that all horoscopes must be general unless the astrologer is able to work from specific details about the hour,day and year of birth of the individual in question.An example will be set out in part 3 of my journal,as due to lack of space in this on >>>>>

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Astrology part 1 of this journal

Hello and welcome to my journal and thankyou for your time :O)
i'm into astrology so if i still have your interest,then i can assure you that you wont be misguided,so do read on>>>>>>>>
Astrology is a complex science which has of necessity been treated in a general way in which i'll try and explain..i should however,like to discuss briefly the mechanics of the subject in the hope of correcting any misconceptions that you the reader may start with.

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