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Hiya, dunno if you still occasionally browse through here - but if you do...
Got an email from the british humanists association about their annual conference and workshop days which included the line
"Tickets are also now available for non-studnets and non-members"

smiley - smiley Not just studnets but non-studnets too!


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I still lurk occasionally. Unfortunately due to a computer problem I can't log into any web-sites at work.

Those studnets do get everywhere!!!!


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blimey, very occasionally! Mind you, I've only just noticed this reply so I guess I can't really comment smiley - smiley

Hope you is well and the studnets not causing too much grief. Ours are in the middle of nus elections for all sorts of things. For some reason, all the candidates are using established advertising brands. We have have the Tango candidates (two blokes in orange body suits in very cold weather. Comment from the office - should have invested in some rolled up socks if they wanted to impress anyone smiley - winkeye ) The 'More Than' guy and and someone bunging facebook 'like' icons all over the place. Very odd. I guess I'm just old!

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