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Hi Snockerty, Chaiwallah calling

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What a tantalisingly brief glimpse of the elusive Friddle, flitting through the backyards of Grimley with scarcely Moer (ha ha ha!) than a whisper.

I'm hoping that once I'm settled in County Mayo, and the pressure of life has eased, that I can get back to some serious Grimleying. I would like to bring it to some sort of resolution, at least the first saga, if not the concept as a whole ( or indeed, as a black hole.)

Give us a shout if you're about at my email address, which I think you have. If not, it's: antodob(at)oceanfree(dot)net.


Hope all's well with you.


Hi Snockerty, Chaiwallah calling

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The Snockerty Friddle

Hello Chai

I emailed but after three attempts I think my server has issues...
You'll either get three identical messages or none, so just in case.... here's #4

"Hello Chai

I see you've been absent from H2 too, I got tempted back by Mellow Dee and the promise of some more Grimley.
Good idea, bad idea? We'll see. Not much happening through the summer so you never know.
Good luck with the move, just done that myself a couple of months back.
Hope all's well your end and I'm looking forward to more Chai contributions to the saga. It would be nice to see it brought to some kind of conclusion although how that's going to hapen I cant imagine. Perhaps a Python style foot could descend from the sky and flatten the lot. Then we'll have to start a new one......."

Hi Snockerty, Chaiwallah calling

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None of your emails made it through to me, sadly. Did you have to negotiate my spamarrest spamfilter? I'm fairly certain I put your email address into it as an authorized sender two years ago. I've just checked through thirty pages (at twenty spams a page) of excluded dross, but I couldn't find an email from you stuck there, so I guess the problem must be, as you suspected, with your server.

Anyway, Grimley is now gathering its strength, apparently. New blood to arouse the old vampire! Let's see where it takes us this time round.

I am genuinely pressed for time, but Grimley is a welcome diversion from the stress of clearing, sorting and moving. Laughter the best medicine etc. etc.



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