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ooh forgot

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Serephina say Andrew wants to do a mad butlins type thing again for my birthday as itll be my 'cough'20th'cough' what you reckon?

trying to distracr you from the booze smiley - winkeye

ooh forgot

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Sounds like a brilliant idea! smiley - ok

Perhaps we can actually organise is properly this time! smiley - rofl

Nice try, but in my mind, I'm still covered in champagne....smiley - sadface

smiley - winkeye

Want me to pick up some sparkly grape juice on my way over? smiley - evilgrin

ooh forgot

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could do, but im not sure im completely clear of the thrush yet, they say 5 days after the treatments finished smiley - sadface

ooh forgot

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Poor you smiley - hug

Yes its very important to get rid of it first or he'll need treating and you'll keep getting it back.

Nevermind, I'm sure it can wait. Might be best for an evening when you two can be on your own...smiley - evilgrin

ooh forgot

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like that ever happens at the mo , josh is on constant hanky panky lookout

ooh forgot

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smiley - laugh

Hanky panky lookout! smiley - rofl

Well you will just have to be more organised during the daytime when he's at school! You won't get chances for much longer if yeti gets one of these jobs! smiley - laugh

Nothing like a bit ofsmiley - musicalnote afternoon delight smiley - musicalnote. Or so I have been told. smiley - winkeyesmiley - sadface

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