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All my journals seem to be about men....

But they are stroppy and unpredictable.

I'd probably be better off joining some kind of women only comune where we just order the men into camp for breeding purposes...

With the good always comes the bad, the good is that sexy RAF man is back on the scene and we are slowly catching up smiley - evilgrin. The bad is that I am now back to feeling anything from elated to just plain sad and paranoid.

The even worse is that there is an idiotic man, who finished off a friendship by being... well... an idiot. He knows who he is, and I hope he reads this. I'm not particularly angry at his attitude, but dissapointed. I was right, its the same old rubbish just under a different guise.

So now I am faced with going snowboarding alone in January and having my pick of all the tasty men that are going to be there... oh what a shame... smiley - winkeye

But am I brave enough to go on my own?.... I bet this is one of these things that just has to be done...

I need to pull my socks up and get on with it.

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Latest reply: Oct 10, 2007

Its been a while

Since I did any kind of journal, due mostly to having blogs and the such on other sites...

So a very quick update would look like this:

Sexy RAF man: Was going very well, then he got really quiet and stopped talking to me with no explanation. I was quiet cut up if I'm honest. I recently went to investigate some closure, and it turns out that it was a simple misunderstanding about something I'd said that had hurt him. I really miss him but I don't think he will be in any hurry to see me again... smiley - wah I would be quiet happy to settle for our friendship back though..

My lovely boys: Are exactly that. smiley - loveblush The youngest is a gorgeous bundle of just absolutely lovelyness... Learning new stuff all the time many attributed to his brothers wide ranging vocabulary... ahem. The eldest is a smelly boy germ and very quickly taking on the 'Kevin the teenager' role in the household.

Me: Goodness knows what I am up to, having a crisis about my career, am just fed up with my current job. Rather than look for something else I may just have a complete change altogther. I've loved the idea of being a midwife for many years, now I'm thinking while the government is prepared to pay my tuition fees this might be the best time to jack this engineering lark in and go for something that could be far more fullfilling.

Moods are up and down, I'd like to think I am mostly cheerful, but I was recently described as being very 'spikey' as in being sharp, noone dare cross me at the moment. I don't want to be perceived as being a b*tch, so I am working on that.

Health is good, am having on-going investigations for my hip and pelvis pain. But had the fantastic news that the lump in my breast was at this point nothing to worry about! smiley - somersault

Hope everyone is good, I will be lurking smiley - lurk around your pages to catch up with the gossip and to say hi.

smiley - kiss

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Latest reply: Aug 28, 2007

How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

Me: ‘brrrmm brrm brrrrrm brrrrmm’

Sexy Man: ‘What ARE you doing??’

Me: ‘I’m a fridge’….

Thankfully I passed out shortly thereafter having been put to bed.

Cue very loud snoringsmiley - zzz and waking up the following morning looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards and still in full smiley - nurseNaughty Nurse regaliasmiley - yikes…Thankfully without stiletto boots, but that was only because I didn’t put them on…

Oh the shame… Very funny being told about it the next day, can’t remember it at all, I have a hazy vision of walking back from the local pub<cdouble, and I have the monster of all blisters on my heel to quantify that I couldn’t have been walking straight in my heels… My sore head informed me that I either drank too much, or said man took advantage of my comatose state and hit me over the head repeatedly with something heavy….

I suspect the latter… smiley - evilgrin

Its Tuesday… Time to sit and wait for any reappearing memory and grovel as required… smiley - footinmouth

smiley - rofl

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Latest reply: May 1, 2007

Oooh 5 Years!

smiley - bubblyI had a feeling it had passed.....

It looks like I missed my 5th Hootoo birthday smiley - gift last week! smiley - laugh

To celebrate I have just spent the funniest couple of hours going through old journals and conversations, at some points having to stop because I was laughing so much! smiley - rofl

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has made me smile over the last 5 years!

Good health and happiness to you all.

smiley - hugsmiley - kiss

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Latest reply: Apr 11, 2007

Drama, romance and mini kites.

Ooh, where to start?

Ok, valentines evening… sexy RAF man wants to take me out, which he does.

Complete disaster from start to finish, which ends with me completely p*ssing a loverly friend off, who was doing me a favour by being my alibi for the evening. smiley - wah

So to summarise:

Stalking Ex who phoned my friend and myself all night to find out where I was.
Awful service, awful food and even left before pudding.smiley - ill

The highlight was getting kissedsmiley - kiss by said sexy man… he he he
As first kisses go, this was a surprising one. Very very nice, from start to finish and wibbly goosebumps to go with it.smiley - loveblush

Weekend Away….smiley - evilgrinsmiley - handcuffs

He booked us into a nice hotel near oxford; I had to drive for 7 hours during the day (thanks mum) then got home, got showered, and then drove to oxford (another 2 hours) to get to him about 11pm!!!

It was almost perfect. Music, candles and wine all ready in a cooler waiting for me to arrive. Most importantly spent all night in his arms, wishing that the sun wouldn’t come up to start a new day, counting down the time we had left.smiley - sadface

Got up at lunchtime and went into oxford for lunch and a stroll around, then back to the hotel to get ready to go out that night.

Very interesting shower latersmiley - evilgrin… we hop in his car to go out to dinner. Now I’m a bit of a bloke when it comes to cars, and his was most impressive. More gadgets than you could shake a stick at and all of them voice activated!!! I could have spent the evening in the car just playing!! (With the gadgets I might addsmiley - winkeye)

Lovely dinner, back to hotel to change into slinky nightwear, had a couple of glasses of wine, laid cuddled up just chatting and having a kiss… Next thing I know, its morning, I’m pasted to his chest where I fell asleep!!! DOH!!smiley - doh

So much for a dirty weekend…

I can honestly say it was the best weekend I have ever had, and trying hard not to sound like I’ve fallen for him and am ready to boil a bunny, the most romantic as well…

So what now? I have no idea. I guess wait, see him again, and see what happens. smiley - biggrin

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