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One of the best things about being here at Emmanuel is that they pay you if you do well in exams!

This strangely unpublicised tradition (to first years at least) means that if you get a First in end of year exams they give you £250. The downside is that £150 of that comes off the college bill, which my parents pay. This process also makes you a "Senior Scholar", which involves a strange oath promising to "set an example of honesty and dilagence to other students", and lots of large ceremonial dinners - the best bit.

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After a long period of being unable to log into h2g2, I'm now back in. One accidental click of the "Logout" button was all it took to lock me out (together with not being able to remember my BBC User ID).

The forgotten password page suggests that you can get back in using the researcher number, but no, I had to try and guess my old user name. Six months later, and I've finally managed!!

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Emmanuel is now officially the best college in the university! (don't just take my word for it) - in a recent TCS survey, when asked which college students would reapply to, more emmanuelites said they would reapply here than for any other college, and more from other colleges would apply here than to other colleges as well.

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