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Hello and thank you.

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Thanks for the link to the 80s forum, it looks interesting, brings back a fair few memories so I'll just have to see if my hectic schedule allows me to post there. This work was supposed to be a sort of one-off Doctor Who but it looks like I'll have to convert it to a fantasy one instead- for one thing- it's too long to get published by the beeb, for another it doesn't feature a particular incarnation- it could be any of them!

But at least it appeals to anyone who likes the escapism of sixties and seventies sci-fi, so shall I reserve an advance copy on your behalf? smiley - smiley

btw; I did have a good day- or rather I tried to wrack my mind into working, typed a few words, deleted one or two old ones then popped off down to the local, sat amongst Pigbins- none called Josh but one or two Joe's!smiley - winkeye Makes me wonder how accurate the researching that Bob Baker did!

Hello and thank you.

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Great Richard-I hope you can manage to post there!

I'll have a signed copy if you please! I want the world to know I'm your friend smiley - smiley

Hope you get some work done-and hope you find a Josh and his bike smiley - winkeye

Hello and thank you.

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I'd better get finished on this story, if it ever could be accepted as Doctor Who- I've been looking through it- it doesn't behave like a "usual" story. All kinds of bits and pieces thrown in; Pleasantville, Quatermass, It's a wonderful Life, More than 30 years in the TARDIS. So you can only try and imagine what horror I've created!

Thanks again for showing me to the Virtual Sofa, looks very promising, more so than Skaro, though my attention was roused by the afforementioned troll and his tactics employed; how long has "he" been active on the beeb boards? I have a nasty feeling that he might be old to the board business; "He's our best enemy, he likes to be known as the Llort, my, my he's changed... another degeneration?" smiley - winkeye

I've also noticed, sorry if this saw intruding but on neighbouring messageboards his activity against the Sofa and against you and a few others, do you want me to perhaps erect some kind of barrier about him- electrified of course and p[erhaps some sort of pressure-sensitive explosive mat (just in case he decides to cross the barrier!) :p

How are things up with you- weather wise? The storm, I'm hoping has passed you and bathing warm rays of the sun are piercing down the very air around you.

Hello and thank you.

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Hallo there! glad you made it to the Sofa!

I'm glad you hold the same suspicions as I do-This person has been around for a whiile now-and oddly enough, he has some little knowledge of Who...make of that what you will! But all in all, just totally ignore him-if you give him the slightest encouragement he's down your throat-and I'll keep you posted if he re-registers.
His list of previous names have included Woody Garland, Jon Christian and Otto Valentine, so he is in the habit of shape-shifting.

Hope your day goes well, it's calmed down here thankfully!


Hello and thank you.

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Hope you've had a calming night, all the slates are still on the roof and that you also had a warm, comfortable evening, the afforementioned personage still made its appearance- but this got me thinking- yes I know; first time for everythingsmiley - winkeye

I did your suggestion of doing a google search on the problem and well I wrote this; Hope it does the trick! :D

Perhaps I should have called it "Walking with Trolls"!!!smiley - winkeye

Hello and thank you.

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Excellent! in best David Banks voice!

Hope to see you later-just remember, 'he' is a total fool, and we're not smiley - hug

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