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Long time no post.

Hmmm, what do I say now? Well, my dvd collection has grown since I last visited-and that's about all I have to say smiley - biggrin

Hugs 'n' bugs.

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(an early) Happy Christmas

To all the frightfully nice peoples of h2g2-

have a wonderful smiley - cracker, terrific smiley - holly, sweet smiley - mistletoe and peaceful smiley - peacesign Christmas,

and after that, an excellent smiley - bubbly New Year smiley - hugsmiley - hugsmiley - hug.

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Another year older ... almost.

Well...Who cares? ....

It's been a funny time recently...a lot of changes.

Nice to still be here on h2g2-here's hoping it never goes!

First icy day today...hope my shoes hold up. lol

smiley - snowman

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Me buddy

A big welcome to my bestest buddy John McSteed who has just joined h2g2! Hurray! Glad to see you m'dear! smiley - hug

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My god I'm cold!

My fingers and toes are freeeeezing! It's May! what's going on?

I suppose I could spend less on DVDs and more on heating....nah! it's not going to happen smiley - rofl Oh look! my first use of the smiley - rofl smiley!

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