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15/8/05 :: 13:07

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Researcher 564517

Hi Miss Saturine, i was reading a thread you put in last year Feb 2004 about stealing from the web, and going on about people who use this via Telewest well i have something to say on them lines we are not stealing, i do pay my TV Licence you know £110 per year which i do think is a rip off, see people from all over the world uses this using a pc some countrys don't even pay a tv licence so here i am paying £110 per year + £5.50 per month for this heap of a cable box so you add it up, i bet your one of them who down load stuff and sell it on the market just to make a couple (£'s)($'s)(E's)........
So go and do one stick your head up ya bum!
lmfao pmfp [email protected]

15/8/05 :: 13:07

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Mr Happy Saturnine has elvised several months ago so you are unlikely to get any kind of response.

All thoses arguments are done and dusted anyhow. Sleeping dogs and all that...

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