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Now or later?

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

I'm intending to write a project, but noticed Abi's comment at F54112?thread=132300

Does this mean that now is not a good time to apply?


Now or later?

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If i were you, i would apply, and then they can process the aplication whenever they want to, and you can get to work straight away. smiley - smiley


Now or later?

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By the way, if you look at the dates on that thread, the project was due to be finished on the 16th September 2001; the last previous post was on 30th November 2001.

I think Abi was just confirming that the project wasn't going to be completed in the near future!

RhoMuNuQ smiley - smiley

Now or later?

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

I think Abi was confirming that the whole thing is in process of being overhauled even as we speak.

I'm not sure what the point would be of applying now. I'll prob be doing this single-handed anyway, so it's not as though I'm looking for other people to help.

By the time I've finished writing it the overhaul might have been finished.

Now or later?

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Hi Bels,

If you want to give us the details that's ok, although it might not get added to the current pages, it'll go straight on the new ones that we're currently move ing projects to. In the murky depths of our hard drives of course. We can't give a date on it opening, because work is a little erratic timewise. Sometimes we have all afternoon, other times as much as ten minutes.

So I'll leave it up to you. As long as you let us know that you have a finished project when it's done, it will be treated in the same way as if it had been listed. The only difference is it won't be on site to be spotted by a sub who might offer to help.

Now or later?

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

Aaaah... the luxury of having a whole afternoon for such things... those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...

*sinks into deep reverie*

Now or later?

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there's time like that? smiley - yikes Must have missed that.


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