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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Welcome to h2g2! IF you posted a conversation to the bottom of the article, you did the right thing! I am an ACE, and this means that I volunteer to welcome new users to h2g2. I don't get paid, I just like doing it. smiley - smiley If you have any questions, just ask me, and by the way, you'll need to stick this fish in your ear... smiley - hsif

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John Luke


Thanks for the welcome and the fish. Unfortunately, as the fish won't fit into the same ear as the hearing aid, I have to choose between not understanding what I hear OR understanding that which I can't hear! The 'Zen' of the second option appeals to me.

I posted my query to the article, as you said, and have seen two replies so far. Are they just 'passers-by', I wonder, who took the time and trouble to post replies? How does anyone know when a question is asked or an answer given?

What does it mean to unsubscribe from a conversation? Can't one just stop reading and contributing to it?

Finally, If I produce a draft of an article, say about my home town, what do I do next?

Thank you for your help.

John Luke


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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

In answer to your questions - the first reply was from a co-author, the second from a random person. The great thing about h2g2 (well, one of the great things, anyway), is that people will always pop around to help.

Not everyone knows when a queston is asked, but there is a large enough community to stumble across them. Also, you know when you've had a reply to a question, or a question has been answered that you posted, because it is flagged up in the left hand top side of your personal space in 'Recent Conversations'. Unsubscribing from a conversation means tha you aren't shown it in the Recent Conversations list at all.

If you've written an Article that fits in with the Writing Guidelines for the Edited Guide (, you just post a thread to Peer Review (click the big banner at the top of the page). Then, if Scouts like myself like it, it'll be recommended for inclusion in the Edited Guide. After approval from the h2g2 team at the BBC (called the italics), a Sub-Editor, like myself, will push it around a bit, and polish it to a lovely shine. Then, it is checked again, posted to the Front Page for a day, and you have one prestigious article.

Bye for now, any more questions, ask a Guru, like myself, or just an ACE, like myself. Speak to you soon.



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Cyberspook, Thingite Grand Inquisitor of Disgruntled Cat Toys and Lover of Small, Feline Acupuncturists


And Welcome to the H2G2 community. I'm also an ace, and it appears I got here late. BTW, isn't John Luke spelled Jean? French...

I also am a fairly obsessive Star Trek Fan... I spend too much time looking through my encyclopedias. There are a few groups of trekkies out there, but I'm so bad at GuideML that I cant make the special text to link you there.


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John Luke

Thanks for the welcome, Cyberspook.

My guess is that Captain Picard would spell it Jean-Luc, but I didn't want to be too presumptious. I don't regard myself as a real trekkie; I just like the series. Also SG1 & Andromeda. And, of course, HHGG.

Hoping for peace.

John Luke.


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John Luke

PS to Cyberspook.

Given the day that's in it, should I be wishing you 'Happy Thing'? I don't know the proper thingequette, yet.

John Luke


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Cyberspook, Thingite Grand Inquisitor of Disgruntled Cat Toys and Lover of Small, Feline Acupuncturists

Ahh... youve joined!

Good for you!


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John Luke

Hi Cyberspook.

If you mean that I joined the 'Thing' thing, I'm afraid not. I just saw the reference in your OL name and acknowledged it as it happened to be the day between Wednesday and Friday!

For myself I would be more interested in the abolition of Mondays, especially Monday mornings from, say, 7 to 11.30. Or why not go the whole hog and give Sunday 36 hours so that Monday wouldn't start 'till noon. Some hope.

Anyway, another Wednesday has passed and with Friday still a distant dream I must wish you 'Happy (some-)Thing' and go my way.

smiley - peacedove

John Luke


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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

And because I know and see all.

*appears as if by smiley - magic*

Would you like to join up to the Thingites - our doors are welded open!

We have a broad philosophy - that embraces those who seek to abolish only some days or sign up to the full manifesto. It's quite pssibly the most laid-back revolution you'll ever encounter - hey we even made our own beach! smiley - cool

Clive smiley - biggrin

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