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I just thought I'd pop over. I see you so rarely around the site, but I know you're here because you're always so prompt on the Curator threads!

Anyway, I was just wondering how you feel about the whole post-BBC h2g2 thing. Will you want to carry on with Curating? Is there anything you would love to see?

smiley - fairy

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Danny B

Hi Vip
Thanks for dropping by smiley - smiley

To be honest, Curating is just about the only contact I have with h2g2 these days, apart from the (very) occasional reply to a thread in Ask or Science Explained. As for the post-BBC h2g2, I haven't really thought much about it (is there an smiley?) I suppose I'm just waiting to see what happens, but I simply don't have the investment in h2g2 that I used to - if this had happened maybe 5-6 years ago I think I'd have been quite heavily involved, but I've just got too many other things going on at the moment smiley - online2longsmiley - run

In principle I'd like to keep my profile and hang around as a Curator in much the same way as now, but I suppose that depends exactly what form it all takes after the hand-over. If things change too much, I may decide that there are other places I'd rather be smiley - sadface

Anyway, that all sounds a bit negative, which wasn't really the intention, so let's just say that I'll definitely be here until the hand-over, and hopefully for a long time afterwards!

smiley - cheers

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Glad to hear it! smiley - biggrin At the moment there is not an awful lot of change mooted in the way the site runs day-to-day, at least to start with, and we'll always need Curators. Just a matter of seeing how things go, really. smiley - smiley

Real life gets all of us. It's mind boggling sometimes how much we all try to juggle.

smiley - fairy

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