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time travel?

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It's nice to know there are other travelers out there who go to anywhen. After nearly completely traversing this physical globe I too began my time travel (I am after all a hisotrian.) My nickname dim12trav incidcates the twelve dimensions of (travel eight of them are disconected to the current time line) and therefor free to move anywhen I choose.

My favorite film is Time Bandits due to its time travel motif good acting and use of dwarves. Also "Brazil" (although this is not a travel picture and the actual Brazil does not appear anywhere in the film)members of the Monty Python group worked mightily on this project also and since they are the worlds greatest comedy group of all twelve dimensions anything associated with them is just boffo!

I too have made the trip to India but kept my religion I guess unlike you, I found value in it (Methodism). I continue at University and will be a senior this fall.

Good luck in your time travel and dont trip on the edges the fall could be devastating and you could end up God knows where.

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time travel?

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