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I'm in!

Rather excited because today received my first e-mail to say that I had something accepted to the main guide, which I completely wasn't expecting.

Especially as I hadn't realised the bit I wrote would be going into the guide - I thought I was just responding to a question. Maybe I should read things more carefully in the future!

Anyway, the guide entry is - Classic Sporting Moments - and my response gets to be number one on the list - Headingly '81 - which is very satisfying. Going to have to knuckle down now and actually complete some solo entries...

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Empty Journal....!!

Very aware that the journal is a little on the sparce side, so here's stuff : -

Just come out of a two hour meeting which I chaired. Hurrah. Find them a little taxing (chairing meetings with the MD does that to me, especially trying to keep order : words 'bun' and 'fight' sometimes come to mind). But that'll be my last one as it was for our staff representative body and I'm presently organising the elections to find our successors (lucky bleeders). I don't think they'll have a year like we just had though, what with two rounds of redundancies and our biggest promotion ever...

Reading (because I can) :
Lunchtimes : The Man Who Mistook his Wife For A Hat : Oliver Sachs (very interesting)
Bedtime : HHGTHG (because it was time I read it again)

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h2g2 Virgin


Okay first time in, not really sure what's going on.

Sounds a bit like life really. Hoping to come back next time as a cactus, but I think that's getting off the point somewhat...

Anyway - I've got a journal and I'm not afraid to use it.

Busy day (aren't they all) 119 people being made redundant (is there a guide entry on redundancy yet - that could be my first entry?). This would be easier if I had thoghts of my own. Umm. Late in the day now so this meagre effort might have to be my inauspicious start to lif in the h2g2 world. As they say - from one snowflake....

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