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Glad you commented on the butter Entry, almost simulposting with me twice - I had to check you out.

As a slight extra similarity I also used to live in a town in Herts, indeed was born and raised in a city in that fair county.

The thanks are princicpally for the links I picked up from your space to the spicing up the home page and marquee in guideML entries. Prior to finding these my own improvements to my space have been in small steps, sometimes with only partial understanding of what I was doing.

Liked the entry on pavement parking also.

Pimms smiley - stiffdrink

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Sir Kitt

Hey, thanks for dropping by.smiley - smiley I hurriedly change my last post to the butter thing as you had got in just before I pasted and posted. I think I must have been checking out your home page as you were checking mine.

Glad you like the pavement parking smiley - biggrinand the links. I shall be away from computers for a few days now (going down to Cornwall) so don't be surprised if you don't see me around for a while

smiley - cheers SK

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Sir Kitt

Please ignor the second sentence of the previous post. I hurriedly change my post because adam jumped in. Writing the reply the following day I got muddle. Not that it matters

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