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Nice short entry on Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no. I. Congratulations!

This needs to be changed: 'Andantino Simplice [...] This means faster, but more simple.'

Andantino is a treacherous term: it can mean either slower or faster than Andante ('moving', often mistranslated as 'walking pace'). However, what you have here suggests that Andantino means 'faster than Allegro non troppo' which it doesn't.

I would suggest 'This suggests a gently moving tempo, played with simplicity' or some such.

Also 'semplice' is the Italian spelling.

The second movement's tempo is variously published as 'Andantino semplice – Allegro vivace assai' or 'Andantino semplice – Prestissimo'. The return to Tempo Primo doesn't need to be mentioned.

I thought it best to say this to you rather than the sub-ed or directly to Editorial Feedback, which is where I would recommend you to post your correction.


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Just looked at your Abbey Road entry. Good too!

But it is surely unfair to say that Brian Epstein died 'of a drug overdose'. He is reported to have taken a large, but for him normal, number of sleeping pills; it was the presence of alcohol in his system that made the dose lethal by reducing his tolerance. His death was recorded officially as accidental.

'Died of a drug overdose' is asking for misinterpretation.

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