Welcome to Nira no Kamo (Duck of the Leek)'s corner of h2g2. There's hardly anything up here yet, as I've just joined, but hopefully soon I'll have a number of articles up here.

Right. Here's a bunch of information about me that nobody's really interested in, but I feel like taking up space. So there. If you read it, do try to be amused...

The Basics

Name: Jamie Haven

Stuff other people might know me as: Nira no Kamo, Kamonira, Kamoko, Biscuit, Cerulite, Donoko, Omnia, Shiseiji, Yugure, Sailor Beeblebrox, Sailor Biscuit, Chexter, Chex, Goddess Biscuit (or Biscuit Goddess), Hazel, Elisabeth Davies, The Soup Mama (or Nazi, depending on my mood), Cannon-Fodder, Don't-You-Dare-Cast-"Friends"-Last-Time-People-Died, Bumschnookie the Third Esquire, Kamo-chan

Age: 17, regrettably

Appearance: Fairly short, fairly overweight, hazel eyes, waist-length dark brown hair, walks with a limp when the pressure's doing funny things. Fingers are somehow both long and chubby. Wide feet, freckles, and a scar down my left cheek

Personality: Interesting... alternates between "mood a" (easily embarrassed, quiet, polite), "mood b" (blaring bitch on the rampage for chocolate and a good steak, talks for hours about various bloody and violent things), and "mood c" (everything is either sexual, funny, or both). Usually stays somewhere near the middle of the three (ie: wants chocolate, rather polite, thinks everything is funny)

Pets: Four cats: Robert Quincy Ribbs (Bubbah Q. Ribs, a pale orange tabby, eats strawberry jam and canteloupe, the Agorakitty), William Thundercat (Bill, a salt-and-pepper tabby, convinced he's a dog, the Masochitty), Rikki Tikki Tabbi (Rikki, a dark orange tabby with Jupiter's storm on his side, the Schitzokitty), and Endymion Tsukino (another salt-and-pepper tabby, tiny).

Religion: Technically pagan. I tend to avoid most circles, since a lot of them seem to be full of people who've recently switched religions from one of the more major ones because it was popular, and as such still need the mass mentality present in most major religions. I've got no problems with other people worshipping differently, so long as they don't try to throw it in my face or convert me. Discussion, however, can be different from being a bible-basher (or a wand-poker): for instance, I have lovely conversations with an atheist on the nature of religion on a regular basis

I live... In Norfolk, Virginia, buckle of the Bible Belt, birthplace of the Conservative Christian Family (gag me). At least they like having anime cons here... there's something to be said for the Navy

Other Schtuff: Lessee, I'm allergic to eggplant and amoxicillin, and cats when I'm really tired. I have at one point been too lazy to make spaghettios. I'm a girl who enjoys dressing as male anime characters... scared yet? My Binder O' Doom is 3 inches thick. I have a strange fascination with grumpy Japanese birds. My boyfriend and I stay up all night online trying to out-gross each other by finding badly written fanfics (last night was Calvin and Hobbes slash...).


Things to do: Read, write (badly), sing (equally badly), draw (to continue the theme), play the harp (yay! something I do well!), role-play (I must be the only person in the world whose parents play D&D), medieval reenactment (Calce Clunes! Pennsic or Bust!), watch anime, look for kool-aid at odd times, make soup (mostly chicken noodle... anyone else put potatoes in it, or am I just weird?), chase people with my war spoon (the SNQDLSD: Spoon of Not Quite Death but at Least Severe Discomfort), kvetch (Kwaa!), be generally strange, learn foreign languages (French, Greek, a bit of Latin, trying to learn Japanese, and apparently I can read German, though I can't write/speak more than about a sentence or so), break people's brains.

Books: The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, all five books of it (I used to want to be Ford... now I know I'll never be that hoopy). Hmm... used to be really into the Xanth books by Piers Anthony, but the more recent ones aren't as good as the older ones (the decline got really noticeable after The Color of her Panties). The Lord of the Rings trilogy, of course, and just about anything by David Eddings. C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy is good too, and so is the Darkness Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. Oh, and Lloyd Alexander, mustn't forget him.

Foods: Chicken noodle soup, matzoh ball soup, mandlebrot (kinda like Jewish biscotti. It has lots of almonds and cinnamon), Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bars, Cincinatti Chili (5 way), pan-fried steak with masshotatoes and shroom gravy, fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden and just an ickle bit of olive oil, Polo mints (which I can't get in this country *whimper* So I make do with Penguin Mints, which are like Altoids with caffeine). Actually, soup in general scores pretty high with me. So does sushi and nigiri, and maki rolls.

Schtuff to Collect: Farfetch'ds, Eeyores, weirdos, books. People like stealing spoons for me, so I guess I'm collecting those.

If that isn't enough for now, then you'll just have to deal with it *grin*. Questions, comments, and kvetches to [email protected], or DonokoHikari on AIM.


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