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Jenny *luvndaisies*

Have you dried out yet? I think you should write a guide entry on why umbrellas are evil.

smiley - smileysmiley - smiley

You don't update your journal often, do you? (Like I should talk...I log in here once every 6 weeks or so, and write a journal entry 3 times a year maybe...) smiley - winkeye


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tacsatduck- beware the <sheep> lie

I will write a journal entry on why umbrelas are evil if I get a chance today...hows that? smiley - winkeye

smiley - chick
(smiley - cuddlesmiley - bunny)


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Jenny *luvndaisies*

smiley - ok

I was just teasing you really...though you probably do have loads of insight on the subject. Never heard anyone else refer to an umbrella as evil. smiley - weird But your logic is understandable. smiley - smileysmiley - winkeyesmiley - smiley

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