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Is, apparently a thing. A rather good thing, at that, judgeing by the band we saw last night in one of our local pubs smiley - alesmiley - cool probably more of the punk side, but... that isn't a bad thing... ingenious short-scale acordian on the stage with the guitars, drums, bass, singers, and megaphone smiley - cool with some ingenious use of the megaphone and Mic to give some useful feedback at the appropriate moments smiley - cool - I somewhat frightened a muso friend, at the bar, when I said I felt inspired to get a megaphone, to mic up my guitar amp at home, into a PA system smiley - coolsmiley - laughsmiley - evilgrin
Gym today, had a client in the morning, who William mainly helps, so as I'm not much help with this client, I did twenty minutes high intensity interval training on the elyptical smiley - puff
After the client, we had smiley - tea then did a workout ourselves smiley - puff 25 minutes intervals on the cross trainer, and then some free weights, for me, shoulder press, bench press, piston shoulder and piston bench, one-arm bent over row, and some weird shoulder ones I don't know the name of, and then the Arnie style bicep curls (make a 'V' with the dumbells, then raise up, twisting the hands, and forming a 'V' at the top, with the hands turned palm out by the time they reach the top... then back down the same way smiley - weird
WAs splattered after that smiley - puff

Came home, and cooked baked cauliflower and Italian chicken sausage, risotto, with lots of onion, some rosemary and flaked almonds smiley - drool plus mature cheddar smiley - zensmiley - puff
had porridge for breakfast, with jam, pink salt, and almonds smiley - magic
Dinner is day err, three I think of the multi-bean and chicken breast and mushroom stew thing I cooked smiley - drool sort of spicey, but not really a curry smiley - zensmiley - chef

Must E-mail later in the week, to get my blood results.
gym manager E-mailed off today, to get me entered to sit my PT examinations, well, study for them first, of course smiley - dohsmiley - geek
had a day off gym yesterday, to rest. did housework, hovered and swept, plus cleared out the massive cupboard, under the enterence main stairs... wow... some junk smiley - laugh - including a folder of my School English lit work smiley - yikes - that William refused to let me throw out, so he's having fun reading that, and seeing my handwriting smiley - yikessmiley - blush
Also found a few massive boxes of cassettes; I'll sort them at some future time, plus a large box of old Braille books, which I dumped (they're all still produced, and no one really wants them much thesedays so there isn't anything else to do with them... smiley - sadface ) smiley - erm also discovered two leather jackets, that I'll try on later, and see if they're either good enough and fit enough, to keep, or are good enough for charity shop, if I don't want them, or, failing that, they can be dumped smiley - wahsmiley - erm

have man coming on Friday to install a water softner thingy; hoping this will help the distructive effect of the limbscale in the house; even our bathroom window is limbscaled up so much you can't see throught it; want the softner in, before we pay out for new shiney kitchen, bathroom etc smiley - erm

Actually; clearing the cupboard downstairs, was so they could install it there, but; err, I was sure the water stop-cock was in that cupboard, but err, it isn't smiley - huh so the engineer might have fun trying to find the stop cock smiley - laugh (so I've a vague vague memory, that it may have once been in that cupboard, but was subsequently moved upstairs to the utility room,.... maybe smiley - ermsmiley - doh ) smiley - erm

Not much else happened.... cept I utterly forgot and missed my Brother's Birthday smiley - dohsmiley - blushsmiley - sorry - I'll blame my medical messedupness for forgetting... or just that I'm crap I guess smiley - laughsmiley - blushsmiley - erm

No gym tomorrow, as W has a checkup at hospital, and our PT is doing something else anyhow, tomorrow smiley - doh plus one of our regular clients, with cerebal paulsey is too ill at the moment to come to the gym smiley - sadface her arthritis is too painful for her to do much ATM, and we're waiting to see if her new medications work to improve it, so she can return smiley - grovel Our other client today, is also off ATM, so hopefully he''ll be back next week, as I miss being punched by a bloke in a wheelchair smiley - laugh - no, seriously, its good fun, he enjoyes it, and finds it funny too, plus its good exercise for his arms even if it is a little bit unamusing for me, if he gets me in the nuts smiley - snorksmiley - erm
I've also been threatened with being a guinny pig for a new boot camp/circuit training thing, the gym wants to run, outside, which they want to trial out first; so they can aim to make it accessible, and able to work for all irrelivent of ability or restrictions smiley - zen well, might be fun smiley - puff

Meanwhile, I'm still gaining weight, and still its just muscle, my wrists and even hands have now joined in; I've got gloves that no longer fit smiley - huh and my quads are almost at maximum size to fit in my jeans; with my lower legs catching up, in making my loose fit jeans look like skinny fit smiley - huh - though, confusingly, my skinny fit size 14 jeans, still just* fit smiley - blush

got a complete body-check in the street, coming home from the gym; a girl, well, woman, just walked straight into me, smiley - laugh she'll probably be cursing that tomorrow when the bruising comes up, as she walked into me pretty hard, and we weren't going at a slow pace either - assume she was too busy looking at her phone, to bother looking where she was going smiley - shrugsmiley - erm
may bath tonight, I probably need the extra magnesium, from the epsum salts, after the sweating today in the gym smiley - blush

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