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smiley - drool is gorgeous. marinated diced chicken breasts, in sumac, a few other spices, oil and lemon juice today for lunch; and leftover in fridge for at least four more days. made hummus today too smiley - zen
Just so energyless ATM; due next testosterone injection on Friday, and currently have tanked out smiley - wah so extra dizzy all the time, and no energy, but, similarly no tiredness so can't sleep smiley - wah just very spaced out smiley - cdouble

Surgery lost the prescription for the testosterone. or, rather, they lied to us, and said the pharmacy had lost it... we chased round.... and eventually discovered it at the pharmacy, but it was sent to them late, several days later than the date and time, recorded by pharmacy for when it got sent to the pharmacy.

For, some odd reason; all prescriptions now go from surgery to pharmacy electronically. except... injectible things, which go on a green piece of paper smiley - huhsmiley - erm

Anyhow, thanks to their incompetence, at all things they do, I was then able to book in for my testosterone injection, two days earlier than I'm due to have it smiley - magic so have that arranged for Wednesday; which is of course somewhat dependant on the pharmacy being able to get hold of the testosterone by Monday/Tuesday (OK would be fine too if they got it by Wednesday morning too) smiley - zen

Only managed half an hour weights at gym, Friday smiley - sleepysmiley - doh and have booked in for tomorrow morning, but have moved Wednesday to Thursday, due to injection, plus we'll go to the gym on Friday too... hopefully by Thurs/Fri, I've have enough energy/strength, to do more than just half an hour or less.

Mainly, I've been reading smiley - book mystorys and thrillers mainly ATM smiley - weird finding some authors I've never heard of who're often rather good smiley - book though the last one I finished left me smiley - huh at the ending smiley - laugh still enjoyed it though, even if it got a bit bafflingly high-brow by the end and my lack of a classical education ment I didn't get a lot of references to various things... smiley - weird

Cooked a beef chilli tonight smiley - drool which like the marinated chicken breasts, will last for another four nights I think smiley - zensmiley - sleepy

sweating buckets ATM, too, thanks to the low testosterone, but, not a lot I can do about that... plus weather is still kinda hot smiley - puff

Sorting through the clean laundry last night, discovered I only wore two pairs of socks last week smiley - huh - despite walking every day and going to the gym on three days smiley - weirdsmiley - erm I hardly produce any body oder mind, due to testosterone thesedays so smiley - shrug

perhaps it might be easier to stay with testosterone injections from the local surgery, rather than the hospital, at least, then, ; I can cheat and just arrange the injection for when I need it, rather than when some standardised 'normal' range says I need it smiley - alienfrown

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Ouch. seems four months enforced no gym-ing, means one looses a bit of fitness smiley - puff oddly, not much strength loss, just stamina smiley - puff have to actually book now, just to use gym, to keep number in gym down, as covid precaution. so... already booked in for tomorrow too.
Concentrating on weights for now, as we are still doing our 7 miles a day walking and will continue that on smiley - zensmiley - alesmiley - yawn

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I thought it had stopped... but apparently not, the online grocery service I use still has rationing, only two of an item... - even where the given item is "3 for X pounds" multibuy offer smiley - huh

In otter news, averaging 90000 - 100000 steps, 40 -50 miles walking a week.
Lost half a stone now (7 LB), err.... 2.5 KG (maybe... my calculation is probably wrong there)

Asides which, I've read about 50 books in the past … 6, 7, err, 8 weeks (how long is it now actually?) smiley - book

Thank BoB I stopped taking my medication, against my Drs wish (really peed them off by doing that I think), as that meant I could read again, (that is stopping the thyroid medication, levothyroxine, which made me so stupitidly ill)

smiley - yawn just boared now...

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walking ...

So, my leg swelling got a problem again... water retention, too much sitting down, not enough exercise, due to this virus lockdown...
So, we started walking more.
and, very quickly; my shoes fit again, and the laces are long enough smiley - zen all the swelling gone smiley - zen
We did quite a lot more walking. 112000 steps of it, or 50 Miles in distance, in the past 7 days smiley - wow - yesterday and today though are days of rest; we just did a 3 mile walk last night, just to get fresh air, and will probably do about the same tonight, when its quiet out.
For those 7 days, we did 2 walks a day; one in morning, when it was absolutely scilent out, no one at all (we chose the routes carefully), and the second, at night; when no one cept druggies, tramps and takeaway delivery people, are on the streets smiley - zen

Weighed myself; lost 5 Lb (about 2 KG) smiley - erm which is better weight loss than I've had from the gym, in ages smiley - erm . . . I guess the effect of no beer might have something to do with that; I averaged 3500 KCal expenditure each day (according to the watch), and my KCal in, stays about the same each day; between 1500 - 1800 per day smiley - ermsmiley - yawn have read about 30 books so far... all trashy short fiction books as that's what my post chemotherapy brain/concentration can handle smiley - wahsmiley - headhurts and... nothing else really... smiley - yawn did laundry... changed bedding, washed bedding, washed towels, did housework, cooked stuff, blah blah blah… oh, and finally got my delivery of hand creams/moisturisers, so at least my hands are a bit less sore smiley - zen

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video request...

Had a phone-call, this morning.... From our PT, who is our boss, and the manager at the gym... smiley - rofl
he's been *gulp* working on new exercises for us to do, once the gym re-opens smiley - yikes they sound.... terrible smiley - snork

He suggested I should don my elf/pixi costume, and do a home-workout, and with William videoing it from his phone... to upload to the gym's account to 'encourage others' to home-exercise... smiley - yikes - I need encouragement to home-exercise... I've done sod-all since this all started; just a walk outside each day, which barely touches the sides, of our normal daily walking amount, and doesn't get anywhere close to the five plus hours of gym exercise I was doing a week smiley - wahsmiley - grovel My resting heart rate has now increased to 60! smiley - yikes that's 8 BPM higher than normal resting HR smiley - wah
I've been doing some single leg squats, across the day, (which I normally do anyhow, e.G., when bending for cupboards etc, or talking off/putting on trousers), and I continue to run upstairs each time I go up to the bathroom or bedrooms, but, really, asides that I've done sod all.

Oddly, it appears no one else has been exercising either; on my Samsung watch, I've crept up the leader-board thing, and now in the top 15 and 20% of age, and all users smiley - wow

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