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A while ago I was discharged from cardiac rehab. Based on my level of exercise I have got up to at the gym.
Today was the surgical follow-up appointment. ECG, etc. and I was discharged. No limit on what exercise I do.. no limit on what weight I can lift smiley - evilgrinsmiley - biggrin OK, it will still take some months for the chest muscles to rejoin the sturnum, but once they do I can train above the weight limit of 20KG, at last..

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Walked a bit over 3.2 miles yesturday, easily. Popped into gym, to say hi to people and show I AM still alive.
Slept a good 5 hours. Very tired today, and in more pain. More pain I expected, as nerves grow back and the bone remodels.
Oedema on legs and feet virtually gone.
The hydrocortisone gel has cleared the rash on my legs.

A good indication of just how much repair and regrowth is happening, is how hungry I AM! Eating about double normal.

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10 days since surgery. Walked 2 miles. Including a walk to the pub, soft drink thanks to medications.
Cooked dinner after walking home..

This level of walking, without symptoms, i.e breathlessness, pain, palpitations, etc, is aim for 6 weeks post hospital discharge. I am, what, 5 days post hospital discharge...

Being so very fit before surgery makes this possible..

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Went to the pub last night. Had a gym session this morning, 35 minutes cardio, and some weights..
Washed with the anti microbial wash from the hospital.

Up at 4.30 in the morning then at hospital by 7. I am 2nd on the list so opperation should be about midday..

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One week..

Until my operation.. less actually, as it's gone midnight.
If it goes swimmingly I may be conscious by now, but probably still on mechanical ventilation..
Still relaxed by it all, just been to the pub.. whatever happens happens..

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