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So I got my Covid first vaccination injection, back err, three weeks ago, and then, over the next few days.... I grew me the shingles...

So I got a combination of Shingles, plus the flu-like side-effects of the covid vaccine smiley - wah - No idea if the shingles cropping up at the same time as the vaccine was connected or not... who knows. smiley - zen

shingles cleared up after a week of anti-viral medication smiley - ill
But, now, three weeks on, its agony still, I assume as the tissue is repairing itself.
It popped up on my eyelid/eyebrow, forehead, and the scalp all on one side of the face; of course on the same side I've already got a whole pile of scar tissue, and some nerve/neuropathy damage smiley - bruised
spots have all cleared, did so very quickly really, and just a few scabs/wounds left, where a bunch of the spots coalesced together; one in the middle of my forehead, and one, in the corner of my eyelid just above the tear-duct smiley - wah

Its the one on the eye that hurts the most.
taking codeine phosphate 8 X a day, and paracetamol, also 8 X a day, plus amitriptyline, now up to 50 MG a day, though, to be honest, none of them is doing sod all for the pain.

I can't go outside; about the worse pain, for some reason is 'gentle', - just the lightest of wind, across the face, and it feels like I'm about to pass out.

So, not really done anything for weeks, except reading smiley - book of course.. smiley - headhurts
Havent slept more than 2 or 3 hours in any 24 hour period now, for at least 3 weeks smiley - sleepysmiley - yawnsmiley - sleepy
haven't been to the loo in a week, thanks to the codeine... - I stopped the codeine for a week, after the spots/active infection cleared up, but then the pain got a lot worse, so I went back on to it smiley - wah
and our oven is broken, so at the moment are waiting for 'non-essential shops' to open, so we can pick up a new one (just another cheap one, as the whole kitchen needs replacing still, once we've got the bathroom done; but we can't do the bathroom until hotels, etc., are open again properly, as we only have the one bathroom in the house) smiley - dohsmiley - erm
so just sitting reading, not sleeping, and waiting for the lockdown to end, so we can sort out the house, and so I can get back to the gym, and start feeling better hopefully smiley - grovelsmiley - yawn
Will phone the GP again, Monday/Tuesday, as he wanted an update on my medications and suchlike smiley - zen

I've just about got the new prescription for growth hormone sorted out, took from November until Febuary to get the prescription written by the hospital, and sent to the GP.

I saw the E-Mail.

Oh. My smiley - bleep ing smiley - bleep BoB.

Every single bit of the 'letter' was wrong. dose, the format, and the language used, I was shocked the GP took any notice of it. - my specialist nurse, thinks that 0.2 ML is the same as 0.2 MG. seriously. What. The. F smiley - bleep ????

Mind, this is the same specialist nurse, who when I asked for advice on steroid updosing, for the shingles infection, she began contemplating "where I might have picked up the infection from" smiley - huh - doesn't everybody know that shingles is the infection from having chicken pox as a child, which sits out, hidden away in some nerve cells, ready to emerge if the body is under stress/immuno-compromised? smiley - ermsmiley - shrug
I totally ignored her advice on updosing, BTW, as it was then utterly wrong. of course.

So, now I've lost the good, experienced specialist nurse (retired), and my pharmacist (able to do maths and calculate dosages) smiley - groan

Oh, and my GH daily dose, of 0.2 MG, were I to inject 0.2 ML, would actually mean I was taking 0.66666 MG per shot. Three times! smiley - laugh and even my rubbish maths ability let me work that out, approx that, in my head (yes I did confirm with a calculator, working it out in decimal and in fractions too) smiley - ermsmiley - shrug

BoB protect us from morons and idiots.

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Quiet. innit? smiley - sleepy
not sleeping again. last four nights, less than an hour a night. smiley - yawn
Did towel laundry yesterday, clothes laundry today. which, is about as exciting as it gets here, during lockdown, with no pubs and no gym, and... well, nothing really. smiley - yawn
Dr appointment, for this month, now switched to telephone, which saves a trip to the hospital smiley - zen that is another bone clinic app, with the chief honcho consultant, as my last results were basically saying my bones are fine now smiley - huh - need another bone scan, but I doubt they're doing them during the pandemic, as they really ain't exactly essential/time crucial things smiley - zen
Still waiting for hospital endocrinology, to write a letter, or send a carrier pigeon, to my GP, to get me prescribed a different brand of the growth hormone, they've had err, four months and still not managed it, only have a few weeks left of the medication now smiley - shrug - mind, still waiting for them to send a simular missive to the GP, requesting the bloods they're ment to do before each testosterone injection; due the next of them, by the end of this month smiley - yawnsmiley - biro - I've asked them, for both of these; and also reminded them, via E-Mail, and spoken to them on the phone regarding it also, I can't really do any more, so I'll just wait, and maybe send another message when I run out of the growth hormone, and again after the next testosterone injection, missing the bloods beforehand. smiley - shrug

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All that Jazz

Well, Lockdown II, The Quickening, was about as naff as most sequals. Though I fear its heading into some kind of dredful mini-series, with all the endlessness that entails, at least until March, as it may now seem.
Guttered pubs aren't now reopening, unless of course your eating which now seems the ultimate protection from the killer--virus. Perhaps rather than face-masks we should wear sandwiches or pies on our faces as protection smiley - huhsmiley - shrug
At least the gym is reopening from next week smiley - magic - its getting a bit cold out for that much in the way of walking smiley - brr

In otter news... nothing... smiley - yawn nothing at all smiley - sleepy just reading, and reading. finished the aaronvitch London series, and then read all the Robert Rankin books/series, which were both good authors/series smiley - zen still have some William Boyd left to read, but, really must try find some more authors to delve into, reading about 1 book a day ATM, sometimes more (varies from 6-8 hours (short book), to 30-40 hours (long book). the longer ones last a few days but the shorter ones vanish in a day ATM. smiley - erm
Currently reading the Ian Rankin Rebus series, about 30 books I think, each fairly short, so that should be nearly a months work. smiley - erm having said which I've read 3 of them in two days so far smiley - laughsmiley - yawnsmiley - yawn

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Had an appointment with my bone nurse smiley - nurse - I had to phone hospital to insist as it was a talking consultation with no examination etc, I wanted it as a phone consultation... they changed it without problems. and. smiley - magic phone consultation works better than going to the hospital, by a million miles smiley - zen
my bone turnover is 'normal' smiley - huhsmiley - cool so they're organising another bone density scan and appointment (now will be next year), with the main bone guy/Dr who I saw ages and ages back when I was DX as having osteoporosis. - I then got downgraded (upgraded?) to osteopenia smiley - zen - by the looks of it, I've further improved my bone density, all without taking their horrible medication with all the sideeffects- turns out gym, walking and calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and vitamin K2 Mk7 supplementation can work smiley - zensmiley - magic plus smiley - cheese of course smiley - magicsmiley - milk

Asides which... nothing has happened smiley - yawn
pubs now closing earlier because... nope, still no idea, - now a lot more people out on the street same time each night - last night in the pub, was W and me, at one table, the landlady, a barman, and a man/woman at another table . . . that was it, by the end of the evening, - earlier the man/woman were not there, but another couple we know well, who live near us, where there instead, but left earlier smiley - yikessmiley - alesmiley - yawn

Let there be pilchards smiley - fish

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smiley - drool is gorgeous. marinated diced chicken breasts, in sumac, a few other spices, oil and lemon juice today for lunch; and leftover in fridge for at least four more days. made hummus today too smiley - zen
Just so energyless ATM; due next testosterone injection on Friday, and currently have tanked out smiley - wah so extra dizzy all the time, and no energy, but, similarly no tiredness so can't sleep smiley - wah just very spaced out smiley - cdouble

Surgery lost the prescription for the testosterone. or, rather, they lied to us, and said the pharmacy had lost it... we chased round.... and eventually discovered it at the pharmacy, but it was sent to them late, several days later than the date and time, recorded by pharmacy for when it got sent to the pharmacy.

For, some odd reason; all prescriptions now go from surgery to pharmacy electronically. except... injectible things, which go on a green piece of paper smiley - huhsmiley - erm

Anyhow, thanks to their incompetence, at all things they do, I was then able to book in for my testosterone injection, two days earlier than I'm due to have it smiley - magic so have that arranged for Wednesday; which is of course somewhat dependant on the pharmacy being able to get hold of the testosterone by Monday/Tuesday (OK would be fine too if they got it by Wednesday morning too) smiley - zen

Only managed half an hour weights at gym, Friday smiley - sleepysmiley - doh and have booked in for tomorrow morning, but have moved Wednesday to Thursday, due to injection, plus we'll go to the gym on Friday too... hopefully by Thurs/Fri, I've have enough energy/strength, to do more than just half an hour or less.

Mainly, I've been reading smiley - book mystorys and thrillers mainly ATM smiley - weird finding some authors I've never heard of who're often rather good smiley - book though the last one I finished left me smiley - huh at the ending smiley - laugh still enjoyed it though, even if it got a bit bafflingly high-brow by the end and my lack of a classical education ment I didn't get a lot of references to various things... smiley - weird

Cooked a beef chilli tonight smiley - drool which like the marinated chicken breasts, will last for another four nights I think smiley - zensmiley - sleepy

sweating buckets ATM, too, thanks to the low testosterone, but, not a lot I can do about that... plus weather is still kinda hot smiley - puff

Sorting through the clean laundry last night, discovered I only wore two pairs of socks last week smiley - huh - despite walking every day and going to the gym on three days smiley - weirdsmiley - erm I hardly produce any body oder mind, due to testosterone thesedays so smiley - shrug

perhaps it might be easier to stay with testosterone injections from the local surgery, rather than the hospital, at least, then, ; I can cheat and just arrange the injection for when I need it, rather than when some standardised 'normal' range says I need it smiley - alienfrown

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