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otter news...

smiley - yawn this is all getting very boring smiley - yawn
Can't motivate to exercise, without access to the gym, to do a decent cardio workout smiley - yawn
went to shops yesterday, got chicken breast, beef mince, red peppers, and a few other bits... and Middle Easturn naan...
made hummus today smiley - drool
Cooked up the chicken breasts today, having marinated overnight with lemon juice, sunflower oil, sesame seeds, and Za'Ater spice blend smiley - drool
had a naan between me and W for lunch, with some of the chicken and some of the hummus smiley - drool which will be lunch for the next... four days I think smiley - magic

in otter otter news, got a result back from the hospital, I'd sort of forgotten about, had a CT scan a few... weeks, months? back, as I had been having some symptoms/signs of cancer relapse, scan came back negative, which was good smiley - scientist

basically I'm just reading and reading (audio books), ATM, mainly trashy fiction stuff as my concentration is too crap for anything proper anymore smiley - wah helps pass the time though smiley - booksmiley - book
ordered some stuff online last night from Bodyshop, and still waiting for a new SD card to arrive... - was disappointed the sandisk one just died so quickly, so went for Kingston this time smiley - grr once that is here, can move all my music over again, from the PC smiley - geek and then at least have space for a few more books... I'm getting through a book a day at the moment (short books work well for my concentration mind smiley - blushsmiley - senior ) smiley - zen
stay frosty smiley - zen

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Stupidity is.... the killer...

I just can't believe this. but. this is true. smiley - drumroll

Got a phone call yesterday, from our manager, at work, at the gym.

He, the manager, and the regional gym manager, plus (I guess), some of the other gym managers, had a meeting, yesterday.
and. smiley - drumroll

"We decided we are going to close the gym".

really? really? really? 'YOU' 'Decided' your going to close the gym?

yep. that is the level of stupidity we're fighting. viruses don't kill, morons do. smiley - shrug

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Staying alive...

Thus far. I think.... No gym, no pub, no going out- we did go for a walk by the river a few days back, and already it was busy there (its the only walk within walking distance from our house, as we have no car). Since then, they've released the kids from the schools, and, basically there are kids, youths really, everywhere outside, in the streets, so its now not safe I think to go out much.
Have plenty of medication in, which is good, and 70 cans of chickpeas, and counting.... Luckily we're one door apart from our local shop, and he's already said he'll try get hold of anything we want; He'd kept back yeast for me, after someone went through every local shop and purchased all the yeast this side of Cambridge.
Have hospital appointment Friday for testosterone, really hope that still happens- if not I'll have to improvise with a somewhat smaller gauge needle than the testo needs, and self-inject... which might be... possible... - if I don't get the testosterone I get so weak and unwell...

Did a weigh-in, to see the combined effect of no gym, and no pubs... oughta be interesting. Unlike the rest of the UK, I seemingly don't drink at home smiley - shrugsmiley - alienfrown
Luckily, if we get desperate for food, or any other goods we can't buy real local, our friend works in a wholesale wharehouse, and oughta be able to help out smiley - zen

smiley - yawn Average heart rate has dropped to 50, due to inactivity... I'm just reading audio books basically smiley - booksmiley - headhurtssmiley - yawn
Hope everyone else here is OK smiley - grovel - its clearly not the end of the world; nighthoover hasn't returned yet smiley - zensmiley - evilgrinsmiley - handcuffs now.... where did that latex bodysuit go... smiley - whistlesmiley - winkeye

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with some lemon juice...

and, 7 spices. which are actually 13 spices.
'Tis confusing, that Lebonese 7 spice, contains 13 different spices smiley - erm Its been marinading overnight in the fridge, so bout time to go cook it smiley - zen
no gym today; William has gone on his own, to take care of our clients; I'm awaiting the delivery of a 25 KG bag of epsum/magnesium bath salts smiley - huhsmiley - yawn

Oncology appsoon, and a cardiology app. got the testosterone injection sorted out fine, in the end, for the start of January, which was good smiley - zen

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smiley - yawn quiet, ain't it? smiley - erm not been up to much, gym, cooking, and reading. basically smiley - erm did suitcase-dead-lifts today at gym. knackering smiley - puffsmiley - fish for dinner tonight. smiley - zen probably going to make pita, to accompany sumac marinated chicken, red pepper and onions, for Xmas dinner smiley - zensmiley - drool or perhaps the spicey garlicy beef meatballs smiley - drool with … something smiley - yawn cardiac scan immediately in new year, and then testosterone injection, assuming I can get the medication from the surgery smiley - yawn Testosterone already starting to get low smiley - flusteredsmiley - grr

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