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tonderai (wearing an itchy baobab hat)

great entry on rhinos, i thought. are you going to put it in for peer review, because if not i will smiley - winkeye but seriously, are you still working on it?

when i was in zimbabwe the local farmers said that rhinos were widespread all over even up to the 1960s. i never realised it was that sudden. and now everyone takes it for granted that you only see them in parks, and even that's now in doubt. luckily managed to see several in the matopos near bulawayo, zim. amazing animals smiley - smiley


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thanks for the feedback, this entry was a project i worked on when i was at h2g2 last year. we developed a media-enriched guide entry based around endangered species and did multimedia entries for rhinos, gorillas & coral. sadly this never launched, the company got sold, i got made redundant and this entry is an artefact of dotcom roadkill..

anyway i was just flying by to see what was happening so do forgive me for any forthcoming silence, i don't live here any more.


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