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Hello from nowhere...

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cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

Hi, just saw you on the 'who's online' and noticed you've not posted in a while. I've not either. < I neither??, I haven't either?? > Oh, that sounds better, I haven't either. smiley - ok

Just saying hello, I was online and bored for the first time in a while. Usually I'm busy as hell or sleeping during the summer...

CHEERS! smiley - ale

Hello from nowhere...

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Go-Go Girl

Hello back smiley - smiley

You're up either awfully early or late....I see you're in New York State, which makes you about five hours behind (London time).

True, I haven't posted much recently...I always intend to, then something always comes along to interrupt or distract me (i.e. work, work and more work), and I leave H2G2 running in the background so that I can take a peek from time to time...(Okay...I's called lurking smiley - biggrin)in the expectation that I will find myself with a bigger batch of time to spend on here.

Nice to meet you!

GGG smiley - zen

Hello from nowhere...

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cloughie(Patron Saint of Flying Pigs)stop by my barbecue! A520318

Hey again!

I just drop by here sporatically, I used to be a fixture here, but real life can be a nuisance.... Hope to see you around!

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