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Ohmygidit'sbeen six months

Yup! It's been six months since my last entry, six sleepless, clothestaining, hicupping, nappy-changing, glorious months.

I became a mother!

Yes! It has taken me this long to revert to any form of life I had BB (Before Baby, who is VERY cute by the way - a gorgoooooeus girl, no less!!!!

Obvously a lot has happened on H2G2 in that time - masses of new members and a great deal of catching up to do! (If I get the time..I hope so...I have missed this site!!!).

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Times - they are a'changing...

At least - on a personal level that is.

Serious stuff, and my life will never be the same again!


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Crispy baguettes, runny brie, wine, pain au chocolate, saussicon, foie gras, wine, long fresh radishes, salade nicoise, olives, wine, wine, more wine, goats cheese with runny honey, peaches, l'amour...
guess where I'm heading off tomorrow for a week of blissful indulgence...

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Royal Pomp and Goose Bumps

Just returned from watching the Queen Mother's hearse pass by Hyde Park Corner. The silence in the centre of London was deafening, broken only by the drone of the World War II planes that flew over.
Despite the crowds, and with the traffic at a standstill, you could have heard a pin drop. Then the Cavalry trumpets heralded the arrival of the funeral cortege,as the Royal cars passed by on their way to Windsor, a quick glimpse of the Queen Mother's coffin, draped in her brightly coloured standard, and then...well, even the most blase Londoners get goose pimples.

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Went to the National Theatre to see Moliere's 'Tartuffe', in which a friend was playing the title role. Very funny play, for a French 17th century writer, and beautifully translated.

Backstage in the bar, amidst backslapping and drinks, I asked my friend if he agreed Kate Winslett was extraordinarily pretty. As I watched her, and her beau, Sam Mendes, make their way towards him, he replied he didn't know, as he actually hadn't met her. Oh, the peals of laughter that followed, the mutual compliments and the excited chit chat about stage and film. The joys of watching Luvviedom at work, and off work.

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