my first entry will be in soon

i was thinking about writing my first entry. While I don't mind, in fact rather enjoy writing about all sorts of things, I would also love to discuss the h2g2 books with the others. I have an interesting take on the books that I would like to share and find out if the thought occurred to others too. My name- Zabardast is a Hindi word very difficult to translate exactly. The closest would be "mind-blowing". When we want to call something, someone or some event mindblowing or explosive or smashing (as in great), we call it zabardast. Cool, no?

I will definitely have in an entry by the 25th of this month. I have an examination on the 22nd and am preparing for it right now. Actually I don't know yet what my first entry will be about because there are hundreds of things I can and want to write about, but I want my debut at h2g2 to be something attention-grabbing!

There are three main causes or issues that I hold close to my heart and advocate vociferously wherever and whenever I get the chance. These are -
a. Women's Rights - coming from India, where parts of the country still think they are living in the 17th century and treat their women the way they treat their livestock, I have learnt to understand the vital importance of fighting for Women's Rights, above and beyond the superficial "equal employment opportunities" and "reserve seats in buses for women" slogans I hear in feminist publications. Let's stop the men from selling their women to the highest bidder first, then we'll reserve jobs and bus seats for them!
b. Environmental Concerns - apart from anything the h2g2 books might tell us, we have only one planet right now and we better learn to respect and preserve it. The way I see most people litter and abuse the environment around them, I would think they are on Earth for a vacation and don't care a hoot what happens to it!
c. Capitalism - one of my strongest held beliefs is that the Free Market is the best or rather the only way to solve the world's problems. When I see the abject poverty around me here in India, I seethe with anger against the politicians, who urgently need someone to clear the Socialist cobwebs from their thick heads!
If all this sounds terribly serious and boring to you, then fear not, for I will be posting lighter stuff too, but like I said, I can't resist any chance I get to advocate these pet causes of mine.

My undergraduate thesis that I am working on presently is about the Sun. It's called "The Sacred Sun" and explores the myths and mysteries surrounding the Sun in most ancient civilizations of the world. Will most probably put up some of the stuff from there- makes fascinating reading. Or maybe I'll just torture everyone at h2g2 with some of my fiction or Vogon-like poetry.

Bye, everyone ....until the 25th.


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