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Health Bulletin: How to Sterilise Your Groceries and Avoid the Proximate Cause of Sin

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Can the coronavirus be spread by touching surfaces? The jury is still out on how common a vector it is, but the (US) National Institutes of Health are saying the virus can be stable for hours or days on surfaces:

Elektra was hunting all over for a video with the skinny on safe grocery handling technique, so I helped her find this one which I think is pretty good. It's by a practising doctor who's worried about his parents, and doing their shopping for them.

Yes: as I predicted, it is necessary to wash the apples we bought with soap and water.

I pointed out that this is the same technique doctors use, or scientists trying to keep their experiment from being contaminated.

'Remember when they used to pay you to wash glassware in the biology lab at uni?' I asked. 'I learned this helping you.' (If I helped wash glassware, we could go out afterwards, and the professor didn't care who did it, as long as the glassware got done right. We'd get done about midnight and go out for pizza.)

I also pointed out that the beginnings of this kind of technique can be found in the Torah, 'you know, the boring parts of the Bible nobody ever wants to read...' (But which I read as a small child because I didn't know any better than to start at the beginning and read all the way through. Several times. You know, like you do with LOTR.)

Did you know that Leviticus tells you what to do if you have mildew in your house? Okay, you probably don't want to do the bird sacrifice part, although I've lived in places where a good chicken sacrifice was considered reassuring. However, the rest of it is pretty good. See Leviticus 14:33-57 in a modern translation like NIV.

I also ran across this quirky thought for today in a Bible commentary:

'Suppose sin were visible - small green spots that break out on the skin. Do you think this would help people to take sin more seriously?'
- Philip Yancey, Tim Stafford, NIV Student Bible

My thoughts:

1. Sin is what got us into this mess. No, not drinking, cussing, or fooling around. Being careless with the environment and thoughtless of each other and other creatures. Those are sins.

2. If sin were visible as green spots, politicians would need to wear face masks in public.

3. On second thought, they'd probably just tell everyone that
green spots were this year's fashion statement.

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Health Bulletin: How to Sterilise Your Groceries and Avoid the Proximate Cause of Sin

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