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Short Subject: Einstein Said It, Fred Repeated It, and the Moon Danced

Today's video combines the talents of the moon (it's wearing one of the animation/CGI suits, you know, the ones with sensors), Albert Einstein, and Fred, the black grey squirrel in our yard.

It's a lesson from 'Space and Time in Classical Mechanics' by A. Einstein.

Before you groan, the visuals should keep you interesting, the music's nice (not by me), and Einstein has an engaging style, even in English translation. See? I was nice and didn't put it up in German.

Follow the logic of this explanation of frames of reference. Ignore maths. I find Einstein, in small doses, to be a serious head trip. I'm always better for him.

Have a nice day!

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Eclipse (Yawn)

It wasn't a dramatic lunar eclipse.

But we stayed up for it. Too late, in fact. smiley - yawn

So you get to see a bit of it.

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Happy Fourth!

Happy 4th of July, folks. If you're interested in any of the less frivolous activities connected to it, here's a link to the virtual celebration being staged by the National Archives. It's pretty entertaining.

Hear Thomas Jefferson say: 'You have at your fingertips access to the world's knowledge. It has come to my attention that most of you use these devices to argue with strangers and look at pictures of CATS.'

The writing is impressive.

And yes, last night, they played the Space Force anthem in the medley. I haven't found the lyrics yet...

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Lunar Musings from the Rigveda and Other Sources

Today, I was trying to find out more about tomorrow night's lunar eclipse smiley - moon, and stumbled across lots of questions from India about what you can or cannot do during the Chandra Grahan. Apparently, it's inauspicious to eat, drink, have sex, or sleep during a lunar eclipse because of the negative energies. You can chant mantras, though.

Elektra suggested, 'Come back, Moon.'

I'm down with not trying to sleep during a lunar eclipse. Full moons tend to mess with my sleep, anyway.

This reminds me of the STTNG episode 'Masks', where Data and Captain Picard act out a solar/lunar myth.

I have discovered a highly entertaining narrative that explains everything. Please mute sound if a prolonged 'om' at about the frequency of a didgeridoo would disturb you.

Also note: I think the narrator means 'elixir of immortality' and not 'elixir of immorality'. That's just a guess on my part.

Here's to happy and safe eclipsing!

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Short Subject #5: Will the FBI Investigate This Heavy Leslie Version?

We doubt it. But somebody needs to write lyrics with 'Hooverville' in.

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