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August 2023: Bunny Wins Oscar

It's that time again. Time to look at video numbers.

In August, we got 9 new subscribers.

1,518 total views. 763 minutes (12.7 hours) spent watching our videos.

I attribute a lot of the attention to a thrilling blockbuster entitled '42 Seconds of Bunny Profile'. In this suspenseful thriller, the bunny stands completely still, while *twitching its nose*. It was a crowd-pleaser: a huge audience (655 people) have seen it.

Hollywood, take note.

Also very popular: Sagrys on Catnip. Of course, it was Willem's kitty's acting skills that put that one over the top. Talk about screen presence.

'Duck Soup' also did well at the Youtube box office. This was some footage I shot over at the Hoggett Farm. The ducks are very photogenic.

As usual, if you see something video-worthy, feel free to send the clip to me for editing and inclusion.

Technical note: In its continuing bid for world domination, Microsoft has taken away my old movie app and replaced it with a new, more complicated one. This is so that they can continually advertise a subscription upgrade. I refuse to take the bait. But after a certain amount of cursing, I believe I have wrestled the new system into submission and even found some positive aspects of the new tool.

Such as special effects and the recovered ability to use my own music for sound tracks. Result: a short subject that would have made us all happy in 1968.

If you want to peruse the videos, check out the channel at

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A Tip for Writers

Here's a tip from a writer on Twitter named Stacia Kaywood - she credits Abigail Owen, who led a workshop for writers she attended - if you want to be able to find good quotes for your book blurb, make a running list of quotes as you edit your work for publication. Keep it in a separate file. Then you can pick the ones you like the best!

I thanked Stacia for this tip and promised to pass it along to h2g2.

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Youtube Report for July 2023

Good morning, statistics fans. In July the Youtube channel held its own with 719 views and 637 minutes (=10.6 hours) of viewer time, engaged.

We've got one new subscriber.

I say 'we' because frankly, a great deal of July's content didn't come from me. Oh, sure, I tramped around the farm annoying ducks and chickens and watching horses and bunnies and kitties. I grabbed the usual backyard content, and even trekked as far as the courthouse on National Night Out.

But I am not the cinematographer who saw those cute sheep on an Austrian hillside. Nor did I wield the camera in stormy Scotland so that we could watch the River Averon flash-flood. Or the surf swell in Cleethorpes. (That one's only been up a few days and it's already had 133 views.)

I can compile content and edit stuff together - like photos of butterflies - but first, somebody has to take butterfly pictures.

So, thank you. And keep doing it. Every once in a while somebody tells me either in person or on social media that they really enjoyed this or that, had never seen that before, etc. Thanks for sharing.

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Youtube Report for June 2023

June was a slow month for the Youtube channel. No new subscribers, a total of 685 views and 663 minutes watched. Still, that's 11 whole hours of the public's time we managed to waste.

Want to pump up some numbers? Share these videos.

Some rousing band music: The Theme to The Magnificent Seven, beautifully played by the Hooverville Community Band.

An English robin in Galaxy Babe's garden:

Blackbirds teaching their young in Tavaron's garden:

Calves being fed by Farmer Hoggett in Pennsylvania:

Molly the cat playing with some balls:

A snipe seen by SashaQ:

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Youtube Report for May 2023

We've got 20 new subscribers, video fans, for a total of 351.

Thanks to South Asia's fascination with baby cows, and everybody's fascination with kitties and bunnies, we've managed to keep them hypnotised and unproductive for 2,435 minutes, or 40.5 hours. That's going on four days of immobility, which, as they said in my childhood, 'keeps them off the streets.'

If you contributed video material to this channel, pat yourself on the back. The channel has been viewed 4,228 times in the last month.

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