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I thought you might like to look at some deer. smiley - reindeer


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Short Subject: Dream-y Music

The season is changing. I can tell by the yellow walnut leaves in the back forty (feet), and the weird dreams I'm having.

Musical interlude:

One night, I dreamt about a group of people in colonial Philadelphia. They wanted to go to Harrisburg. So, dressed in their colonial clothes, they went over to the stagecoach house. I went along. We boarded what looked like a yellow school bus. No horse. It was a yellow school bus. The ticket guy came to sell tickets. $5, he said. I pulled a $5 bill out of my pocket. He said he only took gold. I asked if anybody could exchange my bill for a gold coin. I woke up, puzzled.

Last night, I dreamt about watching a movie with Elektra. The laptop computer we were using projected the movie onto a screen that was located inside what looked like an academic library carrel. The movie was really good. I was especially pleased with the part where they had drone footage of a campus where I used to teach.

'Hey!' I said. 'They put all that old junk from the theatre prop room on top of the church roof. They really ought to clean that up.'

Then the dream changed, and I was watching a family with a new car. The mom and kids were in the car, which had been fitted with submarine capabilities. They were completely underwater. The kids were having a great time, and pleased because now they didn't have to wash the car. Mom got a phone call on her cell phone.

'It's time to come up now!' The car began to ascend to the surface. The kids took cloths to wipe off the roof once it came out of the water.

Go away, Dr Freud. I haven't a clue.

smiley - dragon

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Short Subject: Black Walnut Season 2020

'Are black walnuts really as bad as you make them out to be?' FWR wants to know. So I've made a video.

You can't go out there right now. It rained last night. This morning is sunny and windy, and the backyard requires, not masks, but hard hats.

Squirrels are feuding over the territory like rival street gangs. The less powerful - meaning, the grey squirrels, which are no match for the fiercer (though smaller) red squirrels, are seen to furtively dash in and out with walnut prizes.

We cheer them on: we want those things gone. You trip over them, step on them and lose your balance. They rot, okay, that's good for the mulch. But if the squirrels don't take them, some will grow into walnut saplings.

Those trees are trying to grow a forest in Hooverville, and we need to stop them. Fred: only YOU can prevent walnut groves! Get to work!

Seymour the groundhog is immune to walnut fever, but a local crow is intrigued...

smiley - dragon

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Short Subjects: At the Rural Zoo

I'm still working on videos from yesterday's zoo trip. Zookeeping in the US is not only an urban pursuit - small zoos dot the countryside, run by dedicated people. This one's in Sigel, PA, and is attached to the Farmer's Inn restaurant on the edge of Clear Creek State Park. (Yes, I have video of the park. Later.)

First, a livestock identification exercise:

A kangaroo who's a great mom, and her useless husband. You know those things are just marsupial deer with jacked-up back legs, don't you?

In praise of the absurdly cute: 'Alpaca Charm'. I swear, they look like a committee of angels tried to design a stuffed toy.

Bears'n'Friends: assorted animals and a cockatoo that says 'Hello':

More later. I took a lot of footage.

smiley - dragon

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Short Subject: Cabbage Whites, Part Two (Polka Revenge)

FWR complained about the cabbage white video, so it's his fault.

Here is the Cabbage White Polka, aka 'Stay Out of My Halupke':

I arranged the melody from a polka tune I found in a flute book by Septimus Winner. He really needs a guide entry. Winner was jailed for treason for songwriting in 1862. See, Lincoln fired General McClellan - for very good reasons. But the general was popular, and his supporters bought 80,000 copies of Winner's pro-McClellan song in two days.

The song 'Give Us Back Our Old Commander: Little Mac, the People's Pride' was also used as a campaign song for McClellan in 1864. Little Mac lost, thank the Lord, or else there would still be a Confederacy. They revamped the song again for Ulysses S Grant's campaign.

It's a good thing they let Winner out of jail, so he could write more band arrangements (for 23 instruments) and more songs. He wrote the hymn 'Whispering Hope' under the pseudonym 'Alice Hawthorne'.

Not bad for a self-taught musician.

smiley - dragon

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