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On cabbages and kings

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I really don't agree that science is, as you put it, the new religion. When was the last time religion taught us something useful? When was the last time the Bible, or any other religous text, was updated and improved upon?

Having recently - last year - completed a GCSE course in science, we were learning facts which were only figured out a few years ago. Scientific method might not be perfect, and any mistakes that are made might stay mistakes for a long time - but I would be surprised if, in the last ten years, science's view of the world has changed less than your own.

Then there's the fact that religion asks us to believe things which aren't true, whereas science asks us to consider things which are probably true...

Is there any way, any way at all, that we could all be sitting in front of computers exchanging messages like this if science were anything like religion?

*mutter* All this talk about religion annoys me, I should really avoid it... it's just that I can't help responding to... well, a serious accusation against much of what I hold to be important, in fact.


On cabbages and kings

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I'm not sure what I said where, so I may be repeating myself, but I am an atheist. But there is much more to life than what science shows us. There is love, and faith, and hope. There is compassion. There is magic and wonder and joy. All these things are touched upon by religion and philosophy.

Science will tell me that my heart goes pitter-patter when I see my beloved because of the release of adreneline. It will tell me that the warm fuzzy feeling comes from endorphins. It will tell me that I feel these things as a way to bond, to help ensure the survival of the species.

My heart tells me that the reasons are different.

Religion and philosophy has much to teach us, m'dear. You just need to know where to look.

And there is much more to the "truth" than what can be explained by empirical evidence.....

Look at a rainbow. The explanation that it is formed by the way light refracts through water droplets suspended in the lower atmosphere does little to prepare you for the wonder and magic of it all.

And I haven't made accusations. Only stated my beliefs.

On religion and the 'anti-christ' forum

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DA ; Simply Vicky: Don't get pithy with me!

>>Some christians have been horrified to find out how many supposed christian celebrations are actually pagan in origin.<<
Most Christians *I* know (and that's a large number) know about the pagan origins of celebration - we are not fussed. Why should we be? (I know JWs won't celebrate Christmas for that reason, but that is their prerogative.)
>>PPS. Do the 'christians on h2g2 know that DNA is an atheist????<<
Of course we do! Why would we not?smiley - cat

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