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Remembering DNA

Hullo, hullo. Was thinking of DNA on his birthday today, and naturally that lead me to think of H2G2. So I am just dropping in to say hi.

" hi ! "

Also, we only have a couple of months to get ready for Towel Day. So you might want to start rummaging around for yours. Mine is hanging on a hook in the kitchen for instant availability in case of planet demolition, etc.

fond wishes to all Researchers.

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A great personal loss...

The bludragon has been away from h2g2 for quite a while, but when hearing about the most untimely death of DNA I had only one thought; to be here, with all of the people who feel this loss as I do.

I read THHGTTG many, many years ago, and DNA was one of those authors who 'spoke' to me. It is impossible to express how it feels to read the writings of someone who is able to put into words those things that you feel yourself. To be able to capture that rare combination of life perspective, humor and the great sense of the ridiculous is only part of what makes his work so unique. To have the ability to make the insanity of the world bearable, at least for a little while, is a rare gift.

There are two men I always said I would like to be stranded on a desert island with. Now I guess it will just be me and Kurt Vonnegut.

Although we never met, I have lost one of my best friends.


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MIA dragon

To all my friends [and loyal subjects of the Dragon Queen of Damogran]!!

I apologize for my absence, but have been pursued by a seemingly neverending series of technical and logistical disasters. First, my powercord/ac adapter went CAPUT! again and refused to be repaired. I had to reorder a replacement from Apple. No computer access during replacement period except very sporadic connection on a borrowed windoze machine.

I am also within 10 days of my move to 'da yoop' and have found it necessary to complete basic things like floors, walls, and so on, so the furniture can be moved in. [Am covered with permanent coat of sawdust and log chinking]

This means regular 10 hour round trips, non-stop work on cabin, and then, upon return, frantic packing of all belongings. [dragons collect quite a bit of 'treasure' which much be transported to new lair]

The above indicates that time has been at a premium, and when I finally DID get my computer working, I had a backlog of work, messages, and a new customer website that required much online attention. When I actually did get to visit h2g2 it seemed there was always a problem which prevented my posting messages [if, indeed I could even get anything to load].

And NOW h2g2v2 prevents my home page from working, and my old link to my posts isn't working either. I have had a few moments today to figure all this out, and have posted a telegram above. [unless the evil magician who is responsible for all of this chaos has done something to it, too]

I know all of my subjects in Damogran have been worried. [Thank you for the call Njan, prince of darkness]. I am indeed well and as soon as I have triumphed over the above challenges [and/or evil magician] I will return to the Guide and learn about the wonders of the new, improved h2g2.

I miss you all!!


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Beltane and Masked Balls

I have been traveling quite a bit over the last two weeks, and have also have been having trouble getting through to h2g2 when I WAS around, so. my apologies to any messages I have neglected to reply to or overlooked.

Beltane has been a grand success! Had a wonderful time at the maypole dance. 'Course the Mead DID add considerably to the festivities!
smiley - winkeye

Damogranian news.
A Masked Ball has [finally] begun in the Great Hall of the Flying
The Costume Room is also open for those needing to find something
to wear.

And remember, as always:
Visit beautiful Damogran!
Have your picture taken in front of the Royal Castle.
[Autographed by the Queen at no extra charge]
Get your Souvenier Postcards and Commemorative Tankards at the Postcard and Oddity Shop in the Lobby.
Titles still available at reasonable discounts.
24 hour food service.
We never close.

}:=8 [masked for the Ball]

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It IS, it really IS MAY!

Happy Beltaine! Happy Mayday! Happy Spring!

smiley - smiley


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