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Hi Mala

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Icy North

Hey Mala, I wasn't spamming. I was taking part in the regular organised activity of NaJoPoMo.

Sorry if it's unnecessarily filling up your message centre, but I try to pick a different topic every day, and make them as interactive as I can.

Can I suggest that if you unfriend others, you do so without posting to say so (or do so on a separate message), as it does stop the journal conversation in its tracks.

Anyway - hope life is treating you well - look forward to your continued custom in December

smiley - cheers Icy

Hi Mala

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Malabarista - now with added pony

Nah - it serves as fair warning to other spammers. I'm hardly the only person being annoyed by this; there have been plenty of alternative strategies suggested, i.e. keeping it to one journal, making an entry and starting separate convos there, etc.

I don't care if it's scheduled, organised spamming; due to the restriction on number of convos displayed in Pliny, it's preventing me from looking at content I actually want to read. That means it's malignant.

Sorry to get all ranty, but this happens every year and it's smiley - bleeping annoying.

Hi Mala

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Icy North

I can understand this annoys you, as you rely on the message centre (as I do) to spot new messages.

The problem I have is first that you call it 'spamming'. That is an emotive word, describing random comms sent to large numbers of people. It's also against the house rules. If it's spamming, then you can Yikes it. Obviously you haven't yikesed it, and that's because you know this isn't spam. It's just a seasonal increase in onsite activity. The postings are relevant, and they're only visible to the friends of the poster.

Second, it's what I mentioned earlier - you derail the conversation by posting this where you do. You could just as easily reach the poster through a private message, but you have chosen to block the conversation because you are frustrated by it.

I see you just did the same to Beatrice, which is a shame.

Hi Mala

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Malabarista - now with added pony

No, Beatrice just did the same to me - big difference.

This isn't the kind of content that journals are meant for and it's not what I've subscribed to. It's deliberate misuse of a captive audience. If you (by which I mean all the participants in this spamathon) can't find enough people to read your content without resorting to this method, maybe the content needs to be better.

I don't know whether it's any good; I refuse to read it on principle.

It's like e-mailing everyone in your address book whenever you write a blog post.

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