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Hooray, the hampsters have opened the gate!

I've been missing the old place and trying, off and on, to reset my password over several weeks. Today, it finally worked. Where does one go to find conversations around here these days?

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So, I'm back here because of a mysterious e-mail sent by Noesis that I had a new private message from someone who wanted to tell me about his private webcam sessions.

I logged in to see whether h2g2 now has PMs. It does not. How odd!

But I'll take it as a sign that I'm meant to come back over here via the Dirk Gently method of navigation...

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Preservation, not laziness!

Greetings, fellow Researchers!

I'm bouncing around Europe again, now working on a PhD in Digital History and Heritage in Luxembourg. So now I have a great excuse not to update my woefully outdated Space, it's now a digital conservation area...

smiley - elvis

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Note to self: buy more hamster food

The hamsters seem to have eaten my login again, but thanks to the concerted efforts of Milla and PC, I have returned.
smiley - smiley

So now the question is: what do I work on first? Entries, illustrations, or dare I say it, smileys?

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For science and old times' sake!

Well, then. It seems to have been a while, again. I seem to have lost touch with many friends and old haunts over the course of a very chaotic first year as a research fellow smiley - scientist

But now, I've somehow been talked into competing in a medieval-themed science slam this very weekend, no props allowed. And that sent me running back here, because after all, here is where I learned to write popular science with no pictures. smiley - biggrin

I'm going to be talking about how different methods of surveying/object acquisition work - LiDAR, laser scanning, photogrammetry - using different angels as stand-ins for high-tech gadgets, because I quite literally need a deus ex machina for this to work! smiley - angelsmiley - ghost

So hello, just passing through smiley - run

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