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Favourite Genre?

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So, as I am bored, and have nothing else to do (other than homework, which I am naturally not going to do until the very last moment), I wonder what everyone's favourite genre is. Is it Rock? Classical? Pop? Random bangs that somehow get stuck in your head for the next 2 weeks, driving you mental? Or perhaps you like every music (which definitely isn't just a way of not having to choose).

As for me, I like all music.

(P.S. I posted this in the right place, right?)

Favourite Genre?

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

probably in the right place yes... But Idon't know how busy it is 'over here' so maybe on 'ask H2G2' you'd get more people joining in... I dunno... smiley - boing

Tricky... It'd eitehr have to be rock, blues, dub, or electro breakbeat lounge chill-out dub rock metal fusion jazz bluegrass.... smiley - winkeyesmiley - erm Seriously... Dunno... I guess maybe also 'alternative' which is a type of music that doesn't relaly exist/mean anything but a lot of what Ilisten to Iguess gets catogrised as that if it isn't classed as 'rock' or some other term smiley - dohsmiley - musicalnote

Favourite Genre?

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I like all music. Apart from half the people on Britain's Got Talent. If that counts as a genre.

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