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Hi smiley - biggrin

I wondered if you would be interesting in taking part in this

I hope that link works for you

smiley - cake



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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Thanx 4 thinking of me. smiley - smiley

The link did not work 4 me... smiley - sadface

However I had seen the NaJoPoMo thread. smiley - biggrin

If we are on the same track, it is a commitment to write and post so many words per day [1000?]during the month of November.

I do like a challenge.
I like what writing does for my writing. smiley - blush
I did think long and hard about committing.

On the other side of the coin:
I can write without being a part of the program.
I suffer from easily becoming overwhelmed.
I do not have a single subject I want to scribe about.

I like the morning pages of Julia Cameron:
There is a significant benefit when using longhand
Morning Pages are writing about whatever comes to mind.
Morning pages should be written with the intention that no one will ever read them, i.e., they are unedited.
If by chance, something appears in the morning pages that needs to see the light of day, it can be lifted, edited and published.

I do like the idea of commitment.
I like the idea of being a part something bigger than I am.
I like h2g2.
Nothing is perfect.

I am still thinking smiley - cool



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Well I was thinking about you, you like to write, it is a way of joining in a community activity and seeing if you like it and you might have the time and inclination to do it smiley - biggrin

I was also thinking about me a little bit, I like reading the journals

Anyway, I don't know if this would make a difference as you are considering a maybe, the challange is to write a journal a day but there are no word targets or limits

and if for instance you were feeling overwhelmed but still wanted to complete the challange, you could either write that, or write a short journal about something you saw that day or how you like to take your coffee (just for instance) and leave it that

I am not trying to convince you one way or another though, that's for you smiley - zen

smiley - coffee ?

Peanut smiley - peacesign


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute


While seriously considering your question, I rediscovered the and

I was confused [but what’s new]. Now I know that NaNoWriMo is a 50,000 word challenge, while this is the h2g2 Nation’s Journal Posting Month, or NaJoPoMo.

I now have a working theme; The Prize, a story about the political intrigue that manipulates scientific integrity and the people who suffer.

What do YOU think?

I like the idea of using the “Snowflake” method. I can post daily and grow my novel as it unfolds. Then, if it seems worthy, I can create a second draft after November has passed.

Thank you very much for your neutral encouragement [is that an oxymoron?].

Æ smiley - cool


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Morning AE

I was thinking that it would be interesting to see a novel unfold.

A friend of mine is doing a writing course and her writing challange was to write a page a day.

I don't know what your writing processes are. In fact I don't anything about writing processes really smiley - erm

A downside? I wonder if the fact that you can't edit a journal once it is posted might effect your head space, would you then be trying to write something 'just right'

Peanut smiley - peacesign


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

A downside? I wonder if the fact that you can't edit a journal once it is posted might effect your head space, would you then be trying to write something 'just right'

Upside down… well many an Artist is plagued with the “Trying to write something ‘just right’” characteristic.

On the one hand, yes it is obvious that an Artist wants to do their best. They are striving to create something special, something artful. On the other hand, any extreme can be too extreme. While trying to write something ‘just right’ it is common to self-criticize to the point that initial efforts get destroyed by the Artist.

Therefore, the ‘head space’ problem that usually needs to be mitigated is that ‘just right’ syndrome.
It is a well embraced therapeutic technique to ‘just write.’
Forget spelling, grammar, everything, just write.

A very large percentage of the Artists that I know read and practice [to some degree] Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. In her book she speaks of healing the Artist within. She offers a few tools to that end. The most powerful tool is what she calls “The Morning Pages.” She prescribes setting aside some quite time every morning to write three pages of whatever comes to mind. Specifically this is to experience relief from that loudmouthed old self-criticizer. After awhile, a holistic change can be recognized. The Artist within begins to show up throughout the day.

Well, anyway, I have learned to benefit from this approach, even after I strayed from the path. For a few years I was faithful to that program. Years later, I still believe I benefit from that healing process.

The point is that writing in an unchangeable journal now seems empowering. It has a positive effect on my ‘head space.’ It is now obvious to me that if I write something desirable, it will be worth rewriting in a second draft [and then a third and possibly a forth draft]. But whatever I write, is worthy of writing; even if it goes no further. To some extent this is the Artist within after some healing from all the negative crap that *enterfears* [sic] with the artistic process.
This pretty much accounts for a big chunk of my process. smiley - magic

p.s. “enterfears” was first created here, I thank you for prompting me to write and helping me discover that little gem.
smiley - hug
Copyright Hawaii 2012 by AE Hill


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ah, I do believe that I have heard of Julia Cameron from my smiley - artist friends and they have found it to be a helpful guide, personally and artistically smiley - zensmiley - artist

I'll also fess up to only considering the downside to be a potential downside because you had mentioned sometimes getting ooverwhelmed but mostly because they have said the same, you should not be always trying to write right but just write.

I wondered if the fact that there is an audience here, if that would add the element of wanting to 'write right'

but no, no downside, smiley - bubbly looks like you are signed up then

or are you going to do it but unoffically like smiley - footprints

Peanut smiley - peacesign


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

*ah, I do believe that I have heard of Julia Cameron from my artist friends and they have found it to be a helpful guide, personally and artistically*

Where I live we have a popular radio segment called “Did you know, or do you care…”
In that category is the information that Julia is a Writer, not the kind of Artist that usually comes to mind first. In her book, she explores what it is like to be an Artist of any kind. Her concepts were developed from her experience within her art-form, writing, but the book does not focus writing, it speaks to Art in general.

*I'll also fess up to only considering the downside to be a potential downside because you had mentioned sometimes getting overwhelmed but mostly because they have said the same, you should not be always trying to write right but just write.*

I see, you are more than a grasshopper. smiley - cool

*I wondered if the fact that there is an audience here, if that would add the element of wanting to 'write right'*

To be honest, it feels like being marginalized because of my fear that *no one* will be reading the posts. I need to write whether or not it will be read. But this is one of those expectation things [my expectations are dangerous because they can lead to me causing my own disappointment and hurting the Artist within].

*but no, no downside, smiley - bubbly looks like you are signed up then*
[very nice nudge]

*or are you going to do it but unoffically like smiley - footprints*
Well I have considered that option, but you have done well.
I want to officially announce my intention to make a journal entry every day of November.

OBTW, this thread has the right name and it is already four days old. smiley - smiley
Thanx Peanut smiley - peacesign,



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I think I can now do a link that works *rolls up sleeves* some quiet pleassse, dramatic pause

Here is A87773412

where there is an offical sign up thread.

What are your expectations of h2g2? I want that to come across as a gentle enquiry but don't how write it as one, so I shall tell you that is how I meant it smiley - erm

Did you know, or do you care, sounds interesting,is it for artists?

Peanut smiley - peacesign


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

*What are your expectations of h2g2? *

I had a little trouble at first trying to answer your question. My problem was that I had to decide at what level I would answer. After a few minutes, I became comfortable with a simpler low-level answer.

When I found h2g2, I was looking for a place to hone my writing skills. I was hoping for helpful feedback, aka constructive criticism.

*I want that to come across as a gentle enquiry but don't how write it as one, so I shall tell you that is how I meant it *

I read into your concern that I may have sounded a bit sharp in some past posts, perhaps on other threads.

To over do this metaphor; in honing my skills I have wielded the two edged sword of passion. In one direction, I slice into whatever juicy bits seem contrary to my personal knowledge base. In the return direction of that same sword, the other edge may catch whatever victims may imagine they are being judged as having made some grievous error. I being immature in my art of battle may cut too deep or too often, but such is the art of learning to wield true and powerful passion.

I expect that a peer review would expect such.

On another point, I found some Accepted Entries wanting while others were impressive.
Some entries were so bad that I am still unable to understand what to expect.
In a related view, some of the feedback I read on h2g2 was quite useful.
When I found feedback that seemed to me to be out of line, I question my own understanding first. When asking questions to that end, I sometimes found the conversation quite awkward or even emotional.

I do hope I have not gone too far in my answer of your * gentle enquiry *.
Please know that I thoroughly enjoy our conversations.
Did I answer at a level that satisfied your curiosity?

*Did you know, or do you care, sounds interesting, is it for artists?*
No, not specifically. It is a common radio segment on a *normal* radio show.
It is a place were the DJ highlights trivia that the public might find interesting [or not]. Some of it is funny, some weird, some alarming, and some just plain stupid.


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

How was your day? [smiles]

I am off [my rocker] to go share in my politically neutral action for a new government. smiley - smiley

Be back latter today [my time].



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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

I trust your feet are in recovery.

I do hope you are feeling much better that yesterdays bout of barfs.


smiley - cool


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ha ha, I know that feeling of a what level do I answer, thank you for answering at the level you did smiley - hug

I know you had a bumpy ride in PR. So yes some concern, I was worried that it might have put you off you h2g2, so part of me was asking what you were expecting of and hoping for of the experience. h2g2 can be difficult to fathom and also a maze to negiotate in the first instance so anything I could do help here, like 'sign posting' you or just generally being supportive I wanted to do that

Mostly I was just interested in getting to know you so I don't know how helpful I can be but I am enjoying getting to know you smiley - hug and I am very glad that you haven't been put off and smiley - run away

and you offically signed up, well done, smiley - wow and smiley - applause
I hope this will be a postitive experience for you, as a writer but also as an opportunity to get know people more informally than in Peer Review

I feel a little creaky this morning, but in a pleasant sort of way.
Not sure about the extent of the queasiness, I can feel it is still there but haven't got up to full speed yet

We are going around to Granny for roast lunch and I am quite hungry and also Mum does a great roast dinner. I will have to be disciplined and eat a small portion to start. I am in my 40s and Mum still cooks me extra roast spuds and sends me home with other left overs for a tea, bless, so I am thinking if all goes well a series of mini roast dinners might be just the thing

We were going to crack open a taster bottle of parnip wine that we have been waiting for ages to 'mature' I think that will have to wait for another day as home made wine is generally pretty potent stuff smiley - bigeyes.

I'll just have a sip and stick to something lighter although probably still alcoholic smiley - rolleyes and smiley - laugh

Before that, the house is a tip even by our standards (which are prettty low on the housework scale of things), I didn't bother to tidy it up before leaving, least of all because I thought the two of us would be going out so it wouldn't get worse

I had harboured faint hopes that Hiccup might do the washing up at least in my absence, so I am going to give her a prod to get up as this should be a joint effort, although I am going to that nicely with a smiley - tea her preferance to the start of the day

I hope you have a good day, friend,

Peanut smiley - peacesign


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

Twas quite nice to read your Sunday post 13. Thanx so much.

As I must admit, I have not the pleasure of nipping parsnip wine; please enlighten me as to the experience. smiley - cool

I have been a bit loopy with wine, most strikingly with Cold Duck. Perhaps you could help me to extrapolate between the two. Take into consideration that I am but mostly just a Yank with not too much refinement. [smiles]

“Hiccup?” Should I know this is a mate, friend or pet?

A new Author: RedGemAlchemist - U14997111 seems to have had a similar expectation to my assumptions of h2g2. He wrote “The Cosmic Uncertainty Principle”- A87774394 as more of a comedic essay than as an encyclopedic entry. He has already had to use the “sorry” word in reply to Peer Review.

I just created A87774628. Several events stirred my effort, not the least of which was your not-so-little march yesterday. I am quite concerned about government control of the masses.

The youtube reference in A87774628 has far reaching implications in my not-so-humble opinion. For one, power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.

AE smiley - cool


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'The more we trust the perceived source of the propaganda the more we are likely to accept the suggestion as being true.' This spoke to me as it sort of ties in with a question I have mulling over over the last few days

What level of mistrust is healthy?

This question has been triggered a number of things, by Jimmy Savile, I feel that there was a gross betrayal of trust by institutions and individuals when it came to protecting and supporting vulnerable people.

Also the police have been in the news recently, Hillsborough for one.
In contrast the ambushing and shooting of two unarmed police officers.

This is my conflict. In my interactions with the police on the one hand have good working relationship when it comes to community stuff and I respect the job they do
On the other hand Hillsborough, Miners Strike, Battle of the Beanfield to name a few are etched on my psyche

I am not a pacifist, I am strong believer in non-violent direct action, peaceful demostration as this weekend is more my cup of smiley - tea than picking up a half brick. Still I am aware that there are circumstances when the police and I are not 'on the same side' while this wasn't the case this weekend, that awareness is there and it is discomforting

I not sure if this comes across right, in these circumstances when we are not on the same side. I don't want to see them as my 'enemy', because I really, really struggle to think in those terms and every bit of me is yelling 'I am not your enemy' while I am getting a good shoving by a rather large police smiley - pony but they are repressing through force and by their lies and the suppression of the truth

Repression and oppression, that is an enemy and to be an instrument of that, or instrumental in that, through force, violence or the suppression of truth is deeply unacceptable to me, on the level of the institution and the individual.

Z asked a question about politics and friendships. I am friendly with police people, co-operative even and would if I was invited to go to a police social event and socialise I would like and enjoy the company of people that I met there.

Be a proper friend with a police person, the opportunity hasn't really presented itself, but could I, knowing that there is that line

I honestly don't know. I am not sure that I could get over that line

None of that answers the question how much mistrust is unhealthy, it is just how I am getting there

ho, hum

I have just blurbed my thoughts in no particular order and I am going to leave them disordered, just preview for typos and missed words, not even going to check my spellings and I have used long words for me to be spelling

your fault for saying just write ha ha smiley - tongueout, I don't write just talk, that is me talking

smiley - hug

PS, what's your day job


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute


You wrote as you speak, that is something I can identify with. It all made for an easy read. I usually do the same. [on h2g2 my *normal* seems to be a bit more uppity though]

At the level I was writing about, the “left half” of the brain does the more analytical thing while at the same time the “right brain” does the “autopilot” or intuitive things. Your right brain will NORMALLY tell you to trust policemen. You believe that in normal situations, policemen are there to help and protect you, the citizen. The left brain works with different levels of attention. Normally the left brain would be at a very low level of concern, even with policemen.

In these *normal* conditions, the truth that you believe is what dictates your overall behavior. You be a *good* girl. Now this is a good time to remember that most of the individuals of the police force are good people, even above average people.

Your question about trust in this kind of situation is that you will really believe that an individual policeman is a good and mostly trustworthy person. Even more so, you may believe that the overall police force is more trustworthy. Therefore, when a Bobbie blows the whistle, you take notice and trust in some *suggestion.*

We all know that *normal* is usually full of abnormal bits. This is where the right brain can be very helpful. The situation is that most bits are normal, but there is this one or two bits out of place. It is the left brain that screams, something is out of place! The right brain goes into a much higher state of alert. Now our left brain tells us to carefully scan the expression on the officer’s face. Our right brain will pop back with some estimate of the mood or emotion of the officer. If there is any hostility anywhere in the situation, our minds can *switch* modes. Our normal personality can go out the window, we may very suddenly find that we loose most all trust of the otherwise benevolent public servant. We are running scared.

If you come to believe that you are in a hostile situation, the right brain will automatically switch your level of trust, like Pavlov’s dogs. Not only that, but a person can also begin to operate in a *fight or flight* mode. When that happens, HOW we think changes dramatically. Lower levels of brain function take control. This is a part of yourself that you may have very little experience with. Other people have a great deal more experience with this part of their personally. 007 is right at home here and so are his adversaries.

007 respects the police, but he does NOT trust them to understand his situation. His situation is way outside the bounds of even their day to day dealing with deviant behavior. He will not take the time to bring them up to speed with his situation. There is not enough time for that purpose.

Between *normal* and *007* there is an infinite number of possibilities. All of the situations we face are different. And now the answer to your question, our level of trust needs to be in a constant state of flux, it needs to change with each different situation.
The situation is a bit different if you consider how you want to behave the night before you go on a march. While on a march the very next day, you may behave in ways that YOU can hardly believe, let alone some bystander or more importantly, a policeman.

The police are trained to expect that *people in a crowd* behave much more primitively. Police know they must be on high alert, in greater numbers, and follow a special set of rules for the occasion. The *good* guy policeman on Friday, will be *switched* into a very different person on Saturday. Your left brain may not consciously understand this change, but your right brain will react to the change regardless of the left brain being able to understand why the policeman just pushed you.

You write: “Repression and oppression, that is an enemy and to be an instrument of that, or instrumental in that, through force, violence or the suppression of truth is deeply unacceptable to me, on the level of the institution and the individual.”

When you back away from that situation just bit and consider what the individual policeman believes, his entire career is based upon *law and order.* In a very militaristic way, he must follow orders. He knows that laws change. He knows that political rules change. He knows he is actually supporting the Tories one year and a different side the next year. Still, order *requires* that whoever is in power [the ones the *people* have lawfully empowered] will define *law and order.* If you change who is in power, the police should support that new power.

If your elected representatives do not reflect your views, you can try to change their notion of what your views are, or you can change your representatives [in due time]. A march may effect how an elected official understands your views, but more likely, a march will only deepen their own beliefs and only tend to modify how they achieve their ends. I would guess they *know* the masses [including you] must be *pacified* [The act of appeasing people or causing people to be more favorably inclined].

Oh, by the way, one problem with a two party system is that neither party rightly reflects your views or that you do not control the election results. Many vote for the least of two evils and lament the results.

Does any of that shied light on your dilemmas? smiley - hug


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

I wrote A87774682 - A review of Chrystia Freeland’s “The Billionaires Next Door” last night [my time]. The world is in the grips of Plutocrats more and more. The times are becoming highly polarized. Check it out…


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

What is my day job? I am a mild-mannered reporter at times and a super man at other times. [smiles] At times I am a writer, curate, artist, technologist, geek, marketing guru, business consultant, repairman, psychologist, brain theorist, philosopher, Father, Grandfather, and friend. For you I can be more. [smiles]

But that is only during the day, at night watch out… [smiles].

What is your interest in life?

smiley - cool


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smiley - laugh well I asked about the day job because after saying I am not sure I could be friends with a police person I was thinking sod's law I would be speaking to one and if so I hoped that my honesty would not be such an affront that we couldn't talk it through

forgot to say about Hiccup, beloved child of mine,well, not child young adult, 17, also the other person I'll probably mention is Spiller, friend,soul mate and co-parent to Hiccup. Together we are family smiley - zen Hiccup and I live together. Spiller lives some distance away but that is just how our family is

I am processing and thinking about your post and a reply to it, this takes me time, just to let you know smiley - hug

oh I am so intrigued now about what you get up to at the night time smiley - bigeyes


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AE Hill, Mabin-OGion Character of inauspicious repute

I am naturally rebellious and in turn, I normally avoid police.
In my mature state of mind, I know there are many sides to any issue.
I am not a *black and white thinker,* I think in 50 [or more] shades of grey [smiles].
I put forth great effort to see both sides of any volatile issue.
When I write, I strive to depict a balanced point of view.

I can hear both the guard and the inmate sides of the prison experiment.
When a guard type question comes up, I may honestly sympathize.
But I always want to reply with truth. In the end, that generally that is with some *balanced* point of view that highlights both sides.


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