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Worshiping the God of craft

Had a lovely day yesterday with my ladies who come to craft. I taught them how to make a triple easel card, and we also handmade the envelope! You can see the card here;

We also had a new lady come to join us who really enjoyed herself. This is my second job, it doesn't really earn me a lot of money at the moment but I love it!! smiley - biggrin

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A Day in the life of an LSA Part Deux

I am always mardy on a monday, without fail. I hate Mondays with a passion and if I where prime minister I'd cancel them smiley - grr horrible things that they are (Mondays not Prime Ministers although they usually tend to be not so great either)

So any way Mondays are a day that I could do with a big laugh, and yay it was delivered by one of my year 10 autistic students, the conversation was as follows:

Student: (whisper) MISS?
Me: What?
Student: (whisper) Whats a (he spells this bit) J.o.h.n.n.y
Me: (blinks) a condomn Why?
Student: ahhhhh I get it now
Me: (concerned) why whats happened?
Student: Two lads from my form have been put in isolation for chucking a johnny about in the atrium, I was rather worried it was a year 7!
smiley - rofl

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A Day in the Life of an L.S.A (part one)

Well today our lovely smiley - erm year 7's were studying reproduction in science.

Being a sensitive subject and the age of the students, the scenice teacher explained very carefully what they would be doing and what to expect from the lesson. After taking great care in explaining all this he then asked the students if they had any questions. As you can imagine he was bombarded. I was having to bite my lip to stop from laughing at some of the questions and had slowly began my retreat to the rear of the classroom where there was a convient corner to hide behind as I was getting very near to total laughter melt down.

Well the last question was a corker

Student: Do we get to do a practical in this lesson smiley - bigeyes

Teacher: No

Student: what don't we even get to use a bunsen burner?smiley - candle

Teacher: No, what on earth do you imagine you'd do with that?!

The mind boggles smiley - bigeyes

By this point me and the other LSA were round the corner tears rolling down our cheeks, bent over double with laughter smiley - rofl

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Teenagers and Guide ML

Having come home from that place I laughingly call work and with great anticipation I log on to here.

Now you must understand that 5 days a week I work in a School and am having my head blagged for eight hours a day by TEENAGERS!!!! smiley - yikes

It's ok no need to hide theres none here smiley - smiley sorry didn't mean to scare you. So I thinks to myself wouldn't it be nice to have a wonderfully sparkly page with 'stuff' on it, like the ACEy type person who dropped by (sorry can't remember their name smiley - erm), so I took their advice and read all about Guide ML.

WELL thats definatly not for the faint of heart! I had to go get myself a cup of tea! I'll probably have to go lay down in a darkened room after all that!

(whispers) makes me wonder if they realise old people like me use this site smiley - winkeye

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