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I'm wise to your tricks, sunshine

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I know your game. Oh, yes!

Swanning in here smiley - diva-style, "Ohhh! Look at me! I'm an extinct species brought back to life!" Hmph.

Extinct, my foot. I know where you've been hiding out all these years!

I'm wise to your tricks, sunshine

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Little Lost Mammoth

smiley - blush

I have never heard of these muppets with which you speak..

I'm wise to your tricks, sunshine

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smiley - space
ah well...
you truly need to see mr snuffleupagus move to get the full idea
his fur flows
try youtube?
he is wonderful

I'm wise to your tricks, sunshine

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smiley - space
actually smiley - geek now that i look at that pix of him
maybe its not him i am thinking of
there was a puppet like him
long ago and far away on tv

kind of an artistic mammoth like creature
coulda sworn it was a muppet
but its fur was way longer than this mr snuffleupolas's

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