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Fame at last!

I am starring in the advent calendar today.

smiley - blush

smiley - mammoth

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Defend mammoths! - we are under threat

I still haven't found out if there are any other live smiley - mammoths but I do not like the thought of what the Thingities are cooking.

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Emo Mammoth.

*The smiley - mammoth is approaching teenage years and beginning to feel despondent. He is thinking of painting his bedroom black and becoming a goth*

Why is there no one here like me? I feel like I'm the only entity the size of a smiley - bus and woolly. No one understands me. The cats are very nice but I've not got anything in common with them. I think I must be adopted.

How am I ever going to get a girlfriend? I'm about 100x the size of all the cat girls, so they'll never be interested in me. I'd much rather have a smiley - mammoth girlfriend like me.

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Cloned today

*a smiley - mammoth steps out of the Roslin insitute, a fairly young mammoth freshly cloned*

Not that he knows he's a mammoth yet. He has found the first animal that he saw after being cloned and has decided that it is his mother, and that he is one of them.


*purr purr*

'Nice to meet you all?'

He knows that he should rub his head against the ankles of new people, and they will probably feed him. After all that's what his foster mother said.

But how can that work when there ankles are so far away?


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