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A Rev Nick Journal - a return

It has taken some time, and I have never truly left this place. But I am back by the good graces of the Italics. Of course, there are some simple and obvious conditions, but they are no different than my normal ways anyhow.

But it is such a delight to be able again to comment directly to journals of friends, and not need to seek them out by e-mail and FaceBook and the like. And it is also a pleasure to finally add a few friends to a page that I have come to know on other wires too.

While my 'absence' and its causes were simply the final, heavy straw for her, it is wonderful to see Tabitca returning too. I always wish her health and good things, but mostly at this time ... That she not be bothered by some that were the cause of her becoming disenchanted with this site. Yes, the place is much more quiet than it was more than 6 years ago when I arrived, but it still has that tell-tale-heart underneath. A steady beat that brings friends, combatants and strays.

And as before, if given a chance, I will be a sub-sub-editing guy in the shadows. Helping others to build their own entries. I cannot count how many I have had a tweak or nudgle in. And it is always a pleasure to see the result proudly displayed.

Anyway, to one and all who have remained friends, and new ones found. Warm hugs and smiles, always

Rev Nick

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