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Hello Rosie - how are you??

After seeing how well you did the Naval War of 1812 picture, if you're still looking for a project, would you possibly consider
A87759229  ORP Blyskawica and the Cowes Blitz?smiley - grovel
Not an easy thing to illustrate, admittedly, but if anyone can I'm sure you can.

Let me know what you think.


BB & Rosie

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Hi BB....

I'm good thanks - and you?? Thanks for compliment smiley - blush

well...I can 'have-a-go' if you wish - no problem smiley - biggrin

I've had a bit of a google and there is a photo of the ship I could do an illustration from. It would be a bit calmer than the galleons tho' ...

Would that be ok?

When I've got something to show, I'll e-mail it to you .....there's no rush is there?

smiley - biggrin

Rosie smiley - ok

BB & Rosie

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Yep, I'm fine - it's almost the weekend!smiley - wow
I'd be very grateful if you did do a picture - I'm very fond of the ones you've done for my articles before, Poohsticks Bridge, Cowes and Netley Castles, Kirkstall Abbey & Edward IV, and I feel certain that you'll be excellent at it. I'm happy to trust your artistic judgement, and so if you wish to draw a calm picture, that'll be perfect. And no, there's no rush.

Thanks very much for your help!smiley - cheers

So, doing anything much over the weekend?


BB & Rosie

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No, not doing any thing too exciting...maybe drawing a calm ship - as opposed to a ship be-calmed!

And, I had no idea I had illustrated all those articles for you - glad you liked them! Pooh sticks bridge was the first one I really enjoyed doing. I hadn't done any proper illustration for about 25 years (yes...I'm an oldie) so I felt a bit rusty, or may be crusty, one or the other...but I was pleased with the outcome...

Mind you, you are a prolific writer, (I've seen the list!!) so its not surprising that some were yours...smiley - biggrin

Enjoy your week end....smiley - alesmiley - crispssmiley - porkpie....maybe????

smiley - winkeye

BB & Rosie

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This weekend I've got the inlaws visiting in advance of my wife having an operation on Monday, so nothing exciting. My mother-in-law will be staying next week to help out, especially with the kids, while my wife recovers.

It's true that I've written lots of rubbish for h2g2 over the years - according to Solo I'm in second place behind Galaxy Babe - I'll overtake her again one day smiley - winkeye I can't draw, though. Wish I could.

I've looked to see if you've got a gallery page of all the illustrations you've done, but can't find one. Have you thought about doing one?

I think it would be impressive to see. I can help you do one if you'd like - for instance, if you copied and pasted this from GuideML it would be a gallery of all the articles of mine you've illustrated:

Kirkstall Abbey, West Yorkshire, UK

Poohsticks Bridge, East Sussex, UK

Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight, UK

Netley Castle, Hampshire, UK

Edward IV - King of England

You'd just need to add your other illustrations. How many others have you done? Must be quite a total by now. But I must admit, the Poohsticks one is my favourite one of yours I've seen so far - but I loved the UK Options one, especially as you added the Isle of Wight too smiley - winkeye


BB & Rosie

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Rosie's things??

Two things:-

A Gallery......nnnnnnooooooooooooooo I don't think so....smiley - blushalthough the idea was a nice one smiley - smiley


the photo I have of the ship is painted an nice duck egg blue with a navy/black squiggle sort of stripe along the bows...would it have been like that during the war or would it have been a plain grey??

No where near actually 'colouring it in' so no need to go smiley - runsmiley - run about to find out.... but it was just a passing thought - I want it to be as accurate as possible

smiley - biggrin

BB & Rosie

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ps....forgot to add....

how's your other half post-op?

smiley - choc n smiley - petunias for her

smiley - cheerup

BB & Rosie

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Hello Rosie

Thanks for asking about my wife - she's at home recovering. Sadly I was only able to get yesterday off work, but her mum's got the week off work and is at home staying with us, spoiling the kids and pampering her a little, so hopefully everything will go well. The operation was successful yesterday so she's back at home recovering, a little sore but nothing too serious. Thanks.

It would have had a squiggle during the war for camouflage purposes, to try to persuade enemy submarines that it wasn't actually a big destroyer, honest.

If you change your mind about the gallery, let me know. I'd love to see onesmiley - artist


BB & Rosie

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I still think a gallery would be a nice idea - I for one am quite curious to see everything you've done. If you let me know what topics you've drawn for, I'd happily do all the code stuff so all you'd then have to do is copy/paste it into an entry. I can't twist your arm at all, can I...?


BB & Rosie

Post 10

Rosie might be the only one tho' BB !!

I've just had a quick count through the work and it's @ 30 pieces...all different!! I'm a bit surprised myself at the variety...smiley - online2long

and just to make it more difficult, I have just given them a nickname that doesn't really relate to the article ...smiley - erm

I'll make a list....but don't you be holding your breath ...... smiley - biggrin

BB & Rosie

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I'm quite intrigued to see all that you have done. I think the first one I remember seeing was about skeletons in a closet?


BB & Rosie

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I think I can remember about a third of your pictures off the top of my head, so need a memory jog for the other 20!

How to Handle a New Hair-do
Kirkstall Abbey, West Yorkshire, UK
Poohsticks Bridge, East Sussex, UK
Langley and Homer Collyer
Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight, UK
Netley Castle, Hampshire, UK
What are the options for the UK outside of the EU?
Early American Millennial Eschatology - 18th Century Views of the End of the World
Edward IV - King of England
How to Handle Your First Yoga Class
Naval War of 1812
Red Poppy


BB & Rosie

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Good evening....

Firstly, has your good lady made a good recovery from her operation??

and secondly,

Are you sure you have nothing more interesting to do?? !!

I have a very vague list for you....

apart from your battleship, there is an article of Vips coming up...about baby weaning....then I have done the folowing:-

Heyho Hobby Horse
Benedict Arnold
Man of Steel
One about the oboe - although the wrong illustration was published..but hey ho...
A gloomy one about the fires that burned in the US and hid the sun and they thought it was the end of the world....forgot the title!
Amateur Dramatics
One about an Indian Scribe.....
Face Blindness
Shanze Rhead BMX cyclist
Another BMX bike to show tricks
Amelia Bloomer's knickers
How to make a dead chicken
'Robert H'....a magician in the US....
'Louisa' an author who wrote about dogs....
A Weevil
Ear nose and throat illustration
And my first illustration - I suppose to see if I could draw or not was one for Gnoman - A Moorhen smiley - smiley

plus those on your list....

That's all I can find....

Good luck!! smiley - biggrin

BB & Rosie

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Yes, the good news is that she's slowly but surely getting better. She still can't lift heavy objects and the scar is still quite visible, but well on the way to recovery.

Please also keep me informed about how your sister's doing - I'm sure she knows how well liked she is here and the place isn't quite the same without seeing her around now and then.

As regards your pictures, I not only enjoy the pictures that you've drawn, I like the challenge of a treasure hunt - it's fun.


BB & Rosie

Post 15


This should work:


Moorhens by Gnoman

How to Handle a New Hair-do by Rosie

Kirkstall Abbey, West Yorkshire, UK by Bluebottle

Bloomers - How Women Sought Freedom and Found Knickers by Minorvogonpoet

Shanaze Reade - Racing Legend by Mags

Three Most Dangerous BMX Tricks by Mags

How to Prevent a War Using Ordinary Household Objects - Jean Robert-Houdin and the Marabouts by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Poohsticks Bridge, East Sussex, UK by Bluebottle

Langley and Homer Collyer by J

Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight, UK by Bluebottle

Netley Castle, Hampshire, UK by Bluebottle

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery - An Overview by Tufty

What are the options for the UK outside of the EU? by Sprout

Ouida - Author by Pheroneous II

Early American Millennial Eschatology - 18th Century Views of the End of the World by J

How to Make a Dead Chicken out of a Restaurant Napkin by Vestboy

Prosopagnosia - A Personal Account of Face-Blindness by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Weevils in Your Flour? Pests in your Pasta? by Lanzababy

Edward IV - King of England by Bluebottle

How to Handle Your First Yoga Class by Rosie

Goswami Tulsidas - The Man Who Brought The Ramayana to the Masses by BENGAL TIGER (Kaushik)

Darkness over New England: The Apocalyptic Scare of 1780 by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Hey-ho the Hobbyhorse by Dmitri Gheorgheni

How to Survive Amateur Dramatics by Minorvogonpoet

Joe Magarac: Folklore Hero or Fakelore Satire? by Dmitri Gheorgheni

Concert Pitch - a Variable Standard by h5ringer - The Maestro Cat

Naval War of 1812 by Florida Sailor

Benedict Arnold - Part I - The Road to Saratoga by Florida Sailor

Westlife - Irish Boy Band by Galaxy Babe

BB & Rosie

Post 16

Rosie work fast....i'm well impressed!! *stands back in amazement...hands on hips* !!! smiley - cool

Now what you gonna do with it?

n its good to know yr mrs is doing ok.... smiley - smileysmiley - cheerupsmiley - smiley

BB & Rosie

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Well, there are two options.

Either you copy and paste this into a GuideML article (and I'll be happy to help when you want to update it to include new pictures, such as weaning babies and battleships).
Or I could copy and paste it into a GuideML article. That way you wouldn't be able to edit it when you wanted to, though, you'd have to ask me to.

I think the first option would be better - create an article on your user page showing off your works of art. smiley - smiley


BB & Rosie

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smiley - erm

I've changed my skin to Alabaster (I use the new one normally)and I can now see you've set out the list in the Guide ML shall I copy n paste this wonderful list you've created onto my page? Does the page have to be in edit-mode?

smiley - erm

BB & Rosie

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just read your reply....

>>create an article on your user page showing off your works of art!!??

How do I do that?

BB & Rosie

Post 20


Just create an entry, like you did when you wrote about enjoying a good sneeze, hair-dos and yoga etc.
Sorry if I'm being confusing - entries used to be called articles.

So click on 'Add Guide Entry'
Paste the stuff into the entry
Give the subject a name, like 'Rosie's Gallery' or 'Everything's Rosie' etc
Click on GuideML and Change Style
Then click on 'Add Guide Entry'

Easy smiley - winkeye


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