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Rosies NaJoPoMo 30th November

Who would have believed it....not me, that's for sure...

I have managaged to get to the final day...30 days of writing not a lot of anything!

I've just re-read each of the daily journals I have written and I found it surprising how much I had forgotten about trivial day to day things, for example, I had forgotten about the Heron. He's not been around since that last time - hope he's alright....

But this is the last entry. What have I learnt? Well, I think it is quite hard to have original thought and I respect all authors out there that do this for a living. It is a wonderful gift to be able to write down feelings or paint a picture with words.

and from what I have read, I'm not that much of a deep thinker, or is it just that I am unable to put my thought into words?

I think the latter...

Rosie smiley - artist

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Rosies NaJoPoMo 29th November

Well, If I thought yesterday was busy I was completley wrong!

Today I was REALLY busy...

End of the month means "Statements''

So I needed to do a bit of banking, checking who has paid, who hasn't etc etc and then print off all the statements for our clients....smiley - smiley

Then the printer stopped workingsmiley - sadface

The computer told me the cable was broken that joins the computer to the printer. Well, I did run over it with my chair the other week and it was straightened out by my very handy other half. Today it decided it was not going to play any more. smiley - sadface

I went off to rummage for another lead which I knew I had somewhere...and discovered that the smiley - blackcat was being sick ...again. So I phone the vets, she's been sick once too often for me.....find the lead, and get back to work

That took me up to lunch...smiley - smiley

Then I had to do all my normal work...which took me to now...phew...I've done loads...but can't sit down for long as I'm out later with a girl friend I've not seen in ages smiley - biggrin so I'm off to get glammed up smiley - discosmiley - divasmiley - disco and looking forward tosmiley - bubblylater!

smiley - magic

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Rosies NaJoPoMo 28th November

Busy day today...and the sun was shining smiley - biggrin

Had the kids turn up for food as well, so cooked a big meal and enjoyed a big chat after smiley - magicjust like the old days, except there was no homework to be gotten on with, or arguments about whose was going to clear the table....

It was lovely and now they have gone and its all quiet again....I miss those days...

so my thought for today is to remind the youngsters out there that have a young family to not take life too seriously, keep your sense of humour, don't worry too much, as worrying is like a rocking horse - it gives you something to do, but takes you no where....

Time passes so quickly, before you notice it is gone.

smiley - zen

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Rosies NaJoPoMo 27th November

Finally, I woke up this morning not coughing...and the sun was nearly shining! Well not for a few hours, but the sun did appear and my day was on a roll.smiley - drumroll

I went to my first yoga class for two weeks.... it was lovely to get back on my mat and spend some time just for myself. A good stretch, a good twist, a good balance,a good inversion and a good relaxtion...what more could a girl require on a Tuesday morning?

smiley - magic

Later the tickets arrived for our holiday...I'm getting really excited...and I may take smiley - hamsterElton with me.

He can be flat packed and stowed quite easily ...I'm sure he would enjoy the sunshine smiley - smiley and the odd photo shoot smiley - coolsmiley - hamstersmiley - cool

I've just got to get smiley - crackerChristmassmiley - cracker organised here and then...smiley - runthe world is my oyster !

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Rosies NaJoPoMo 26th November

Monday...4 more days to go ....smiley - smiley

Following on from yesterday, for those who don't read french, I went to the grand switching on of the Christmas lights in town and also there was a Christmas Market. The roads were closed and hundreds of folks all turned out to watch fire works and a count down to Christmas!Lots and lots of food being sold but it was all burgers and hot I tell a lie there was a hog roast, but the queue was enormous... All good fun tho....and there was Gluwein.... Wunderbar!smiley - magic

That was last night. We walked there, in the dry but back in the rain smiley - sadface and its been raining all day here...not good, but at least we haven't had any floods like some other parts of the UK..smiley - erm

smiley - cheerup

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