Greetings, fellow Hitchhiker!

Since you have wandered by my page, I'll assume that you're looking to find out something about me. (Otherwise, I'll assume you wound up here by accident and will just move on.)

I'm in my mid-twenties and work in concert production. Yes, I'm the low (wo)man on the totem pole, and don't generally have the money to indulge my interests, but for what it's worth, here they are:

*Cats. Until recently, I had three. However, a nasty, spiteful ex-roommate took two of them away, and the third ran off on her own. These days I'm having to make do with patting any strays I meet, because now I have a roommate who is deathly allergic to those divine beasties. When I'm 80, I'll be the woman living in the old Victorian house which is just crawling with them.
*Music. I can't play any, as I have a genetic predisposition to make nothing but dreadful noises upon any musical instrument I touch. (I play a mean steering wheel snare, though.) I can appreciate it, however, and work as a stagehand/lighting girl/sound girl. (Beats the hell out of an office or retail job!) I'm ashamed to admit it, but taste-wise, I'm very much stuck in the late 70s and early 80s, but some of the stuff coming out these days is acceptable. (I do not include Creed or any of their sound-alikes in this statement.)
*Travel. Haven't done as much as I'd like, but there's still plenty of time to do it! Favorite places include Gouda, Netherlands (as in the cheese); Amsterdam, Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark; Groningen, also in the Netherlands; Salzburg, Austria; Durnstein (somewhere in the Wachau river valley); and Washington, D.C. The last is only because I grew up there and am incredibly biased. Guide entries on one or more of these places are more than likely forthcoming.
*80s moives (you know, the Molly Ringwald/Judd Nelson/Jon Cryer type), B-movies, Jackie Chan, and all things Cusack.
*Not being a Republican, a Conservative, or a member of the Christian Right.

I currently live in Central Florida, which despite being under the shadow of the Rat (known to the rest of the civilized world as Mickey Mouse), is a beautiful place to call home. I'd recommend it to all travelers, with the following caveats:
*It's generally a bad idea to come between June and the end of August. There are entirely too many tourists, and everything costs more. Besides, you just clog up our highways and we get really annoyed with you.
*The mosquitoes are extremely large and aggressive, and thirst for lovely, thick high-elevation blood. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent, then chuck it in favor of concealing clothing, which will quickly become too warm, but at least you won't itch so much later. The mosquitoes are some of our least offensive wildlife.
*We're in the subtropics here, which means the sun is stronger than in the more northern latitudes. Bring STRONG sunblock or be prepared to burn to a crisp in nothing flat. Sunblock is especially important if you have tattoos, as the Florida sun will damage them quickly.
*The weather is capricious, especially in summer. It rains almost every afternoon like clockwork; hurricanes like to bluster through once or twice a year and strand hapless travelers at Orlando International Airport; it's so hot that you'll need at least two showers a day; and it can get so humid that you feel like you're breathing water.
*The locals HATE you. ESPECIALLY the Disney employees.

Orlando and its surrounding area have much, MUCH more to offer than theme parks, though, so it's well worth a visit. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions anyone has.

Stay tuned for further updates that might actually take me more than 10 minutes to put together.....


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