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Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!


I came across your unedited entry about Land Rovers, and wondered if you wanted to get it into the EG?

I'm planning to do a number of entries on the British Car Industry (and what's left of it smiley - erm), and obviously Land Rover would need to be in there. I'd like to be able to link into your entry and maybe expand it, as it's a good summary of the beginnings of Land Rover.

I don't know if you want to do this as it's yours, or if you'd want to pass it on to someone else to finish off? Your name would still stay on it, of course! Either way, I think your entry has a place in the EG.

I'm in the early stages of planning all this out and submitting it as a h2g2 University project, so if you can let me know that would be great.

smiley - cheers

Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Yael Smith

Ekki is a very busy, has-no-time-for-h2g2 type guy, so I won't hold my breath if I were you, Rains.

smiley - wah

Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

smiley - cheers Elly,

Any ideas? I'm definitely doing this uni project on the car industry, so I really do need a Land Rover section in there....

It's one of those odd ones where if something already exists on h2g2, I think it's in the house rules that I can't duplicate it or anything without the permission of the author if they're still reasonable regulars on here smiley - erm. And I don't want to tread on anyone's toes with nicking or duplicating entries.

It's safe to say this project isn't going to be completed in a hurry, so it isn't super-urgent.

smiley - hug I see you guys are related - cool. And I do understand about not having time for on here - RL is kind of much more important!

Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

As Elly, (Hi hun smiley - kiss), so rightly said, though I'm here sporadically there's no time sadly to dedicate to writing entries ... if someone else wants to take up the reins do ... you're right though, it should definitely feature if you're doing something on British Motor industry ...

Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

Are you sure? Thanks smiley - biggrin.

The entry will still have your name on it as at least a co-author (not sure how these things work), though nothing will happen until probably the New Year... I've just realised how busy my Christmas holidays are smiley - erm.

Thanks and see you round,


Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Yael Smith

Related? Ekki, are we related somehow?
::Goes in search of family tree::
smiley - bigeyes

Ooh! Land Rovers!

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Yael Smith

::Slaps forehead, suddenly getting it::
We're not REALLY related... Ekki was supposed to come to my wedding to give me away. WHICH HE DIDN'T! smiley - tongueout

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Ooh! Land Rovers!

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