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Hi antigravitas. I hope this won't be taken the wrong way, but believe me I'm not trying to insult you or do anything of the sort.

I've just been reading this (F2082071?thread=5210748) and I don't think you're completely in the wrong. I think Effers can be a bit offensive at times. That thread on Ask was pretty silly really and I don't think it's a good advert for h2g2. But neither, I might say, is it a place where people appear to make an effort to offend someone.

At least that's how I saw it. I know you only posted 'chortle', but why, when you had had no involvement with the thread before this point, did you choose to post in such a childish way? You've said several times that you have never contravened the house rules, and that's true. But there are basic rules of politeness that still hold on the Internet, you know.

When I first joined Hootoo its community was rather more pleasant than it was now. I've noticed you attract this kind of unpleasantness. It's not always your fault. I think the Greenpeace thread sparked a lot of it off. You differed in opinion with lots of people, but people did make some sensible points in the discussion. It got nasty. OK, that happens sometimes. Eventually the whole thread was dropped, which is the best course of action, really. Since then there have been several threads where you haven't really been treated that nicely. This, I feel, is unfair. It's true, some people can't drop things, and some of this comes from people I would have thought would have known better. Still, never mind, eh?

I noticed after the Greenpeace thread that you posted on Icy North's personal space. I'll go and find if it you like, but you seemed to be wanting to be deliberately unconstructive and rude. As other people have been to you, I must point out.

But it used to be that Hootoo relied on these laws of politeness and etiquette in addition to its House Rules. Most of the people here are adults and as such shouldn't have to run away to moderators all the time.

I'm not really asking or telling you do things here. I'm just saying that perhaps a change in attitude would smooth things over in the community. From others as well as you - note that, it's not just you. I don't know how well you know SWL, but he has some occasionally inflammatory opinions. I haven't clashed with him much (only once I think) but others have done so more regularly. But SWL is still respected because he isn't arrogant, he is generally polite and keeps things fairly clean, and he tries to be constructive. He doesn't tend to go onto other people's PSs to annoy them. Much as I might beg to differ regarding his opinions, I like the way he posts them.

So I hope we can just drop this, and I hope Effers can do the same. The next step with be to get Effers and Vicky to stop going at it 24/7 smiley - smiley.

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The Nature of Hootoo

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