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Table maniac!

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March Hare

I was led here, an innocent little lamb, and I find tables tables and more tables. They were suggested to me by Wayfarer and yet I know not entirely why.... I am trying to grapple with one GuideML trick at a time (with nothing but a very very crashed course in html under my belt).

And so I find another grease-monkey (as I've heard the breed referred to at times). As long as you don't spit out many many ideas for me modifying my beloved car, I will get along with you just fine. smiley - smiley (Been around many gear-types many times. I had to put up with a Land Cruiser fanatic for a number of years. Not too bad, but he spent quite a lot of time whimpering that his Land Cruiser was sitting on his friend's farm, geting lonely, as it needed some parts to be drivable and he had not the time nor the geographic location to work on it himself.)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings... I will probably visit back several times as I try to wrestle with the seemingly viscious Tables of Darkness....

smiley - bunny

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Table maniac!

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