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I've got a question.
In the conversation on one of my articles on GCP, in PR, someone said that I should construct an umbrella page.
I've made one, but I was wondering what to do with it. Should I put it throught PR: now or when all the articles went through PR? Or will the editors make one? Or maybe it's not necessary, since you put the other articles at the top?

anyway, this is the entryID: A7466547



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SchrEck Inc.

Well, it depends on you; the entries could easily stand for themselves.

But personally, I like the idea of an umbrella page; it's always easier (for other entries) to link to a main entry rather than to a specialised one. The entry you've written looks quite good, even if it's rather short. Perhaps you could place the summary for each entry in the list of entries, then it would be more obvious which entry covers which topic. Also, there could be more of an intro at the start of the entry, just explain in your own words what GCP is all about.

So the main page would look like this:


Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is not something that is widely known. With this series of articles this researcher has tried to give a brief introduction to GCP and several of its aspects.

Good Clinical Practice is an international standard, by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), for clinical trials that involve....

The following articles try to cover the main aspects of GCP, namely:

1. A Brief History - Gives an historical overview of several issues, which led ...

2. Clinical Trials - Tries to shed some light in the dark and dim world of Clinical Trials, and the several ...




And I think it's best to finish the fourth entry before the main entry is submitted.

Hope that helps, and let me stress that everything is entirely up to you and you could dump every suggestion I made. smiley - smiley

SchrEck Inc.

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