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May 5

Well it is Friday and I and I awoke at 8:00. My little charge is asleep in her crib. What an angel! First thing this morning, which happens to be dry, I check my mail. No virus problem this morning. No letters either smiley - sadface Guess I eat some breakfast and have a cup of tea. Later smiley - smiley

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This week-end-May 5,6,7 is going to be busy. A Mexican dinner at the church Friday night and then off to hear the Clancey Brothers at the Emerald Mist. Saturday a 45 min. trip to Waxahachie for Scarborough Faire (our Renassaine Faire with Henry the VIII and Queen Anne). That is an all day affair. Sunday, church and then back to the faire. This is what I will be doing for the next few week-end-until JUNE 4. There might be a day or two I don't go, but most likely I'll be there.

As I read these forums, I get the impression that most of the people are from the 20-30 year olds. How far off am I? who knows?

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Day To Day

A few years ago, I could remember everything I had done the previous week. Now, I have troulbe remembering back just a couple of days. A few years ago I was lot busier than I am now. It makes me wonder if being busy keeps our minds sharp. Life is so very short and right now I feel as if it is passing me by somehow. I think may I need to re-assess what I am doing for myself and others. Maybe then each day will not just run into the next.

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