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Omicron - Master of Hyperspace and Chanter of arcane superstring equations

Hi Gaurav, and welcome to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Earth Edition, and from a fellow Indian too! I'm Omicron, one of the Aces(Assistant Community Editors) of H2G2, and its our job to go around welcoming people to the Guide. Judging from the amount of forum postings you've made, I don't think you need much help, though. So, I hear you've lived in Bombay. I'm currently in Bombay as well.(what the heck - I'm never anywhere else, except maybe the Crab Nebula)
I can see from one of your journal postings that you're getting interested in astronomy, why don't you check out the Astronomy pages? You can get to them from , just click on Science and Technology, then Astronomy.
So long for now, Bye!

Welcome to the Guide...

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Hola folks!

I'm Indian too, from Madras and then Bombay - though I feel much more at home in Bombay for some reason. Anyways, I now live in London, so so much or nostalgia! The guide's cool and I'm writing all sorts of crap for it...

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