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Experiences of Toys R Us

I wandered in to my local branch of Toys R Us looking for Product X that I had seen on the website.

Locate an assistant and ask "Where is Product X shelved?". Assistant takes me halfway to the location and points.

I wander over, peruse the shelves, find Products Y and Z. But unfortunately Product X is not there.

I purchase Products A,B,C. Make my way through the checkouts and stop by the "Customer Service" desk.

I ask if they have "Product X" in stock (knowing full well of course that they don't). The assistant confirms that they don't.

I ask "Could you order me one in please?". Reply "No sorry, but all our stock is sent to us automatically. You'll have to try again sometime soon".

I mention that I saw some of Product X on the Internet website.

I ask "Could you phone up the next nearest store (about 35 miles away)". Reply "Yes, but it'll take a while to get here. You might be better off buying from the website".

I concur and leave.

A day passes ...

Having resolved all my virus issues on my PC, I log onto the Toys R Us website with intention of e-buying Product X.

What do I get? "Out of Stock".

I try a few other websites, also all out of stock.

I think "Well, might as well try my 2nd nearest branch of Toys R Us (about 35 miles away) just in case they have one in stock".

I click on the "Store Locator" button on the website, and eventually locate the required store. All very informative except there is no Telephone Number.

I go to the Yellow Page website and find out the number from there.

I log off and phone up Toys R Us in the 2nd nearest location (about 35 miles away) ...

I get through to an automated call option. Pressing 3 takes me to "Customer services" option. I sit and wait ... and wait ... listening to a pleasant beeping tone ... then eventually the line clicks in and goes dead .... durrrrrr.

I redial, ignore the "Press option 3" and wait for a manual answer. The call is eventually answered, "Hello, Toys R" .... durrrrr

I redial, take the manual option again. A few rings and eventually the call is answered. "Hello, T" ... durrrrr

I dial for a 4th time and this time make an actual connection to a real live person who doesn't put the phone down immediately. Hurrah.

Conversation begins ...

"Hello, I'm looking for Product X. Do you have any in stock?"

"Let me just check .... yes we do, we have 10".

"Ah good, could you reserve me one then? It's my daughter's birthday next Friday so I need to have bought it by then".

"I'm sorry we can only reserve it for 1 day".

"Hmmm ... in that case if I give you my credit card details, can you send it to me?"

"No I'm sorry we don't send things in the post".

"Well given that I'm 35 miles away could you send it to my local store that is only a couple of miles away".

"Erm yes, but it'll take 3 weeks".

"Ok given that you have 10 of them in stock, do you think you could perhaps just put it on reserve for more than 1 day".

"Well I suppose so. What name is it?".

[Provide personal details]

"So you'll be in for that on Friday".

"No I need it before next Friday, but being 35 miles away and having to work I can't exactly just pop down in my lunch hour to collect it. But I can tell you're concerned so I'll give you my telephone number and if you sell the other 9 and you're concerned about the 10th taking up precious room in your massive warehouse before I arrive to buy it in the next few days, you can phone me and I'll be able to authorise you to remove the reserve.".


"Many thanks".

Call ends ...

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I'm disappointed by how little seems to be going on, on H2G2 these days. Where is everybody? TIOC, "the pot calling the kettle black" (have to add that to my fave quotations list. I myself haven't contributed too much recently but it would be nice to see things going on in the meantime.

Yours disappointedly,
bbs smiley - sadface

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Demise of Shorts

I think my bright blue shorts have almost reached the end of their life expectancy. Yes they've had a good 7 years and now they're almost beyond repair.

My loyalty has now moved to my yellow and navy checked Speedo's. It's not quite the same though. The addition of pockets makes up a little for my loss, but the bright blue Champions have gone into retirement. I shall continue to be called "Bright Blue Shorts" so that they have a place on H2G2 where they can be remembered.

Fare thee well my bright blue Champions, maybe come some sunny day you shall be worn again and we shall be together. You may be gone, but you shall not be forgotten ...

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Last Wednesday I was sat on my bed looking around the room and got to thinking about my contact lenses and how I wouldn't be needing anymore for a couple of months.

About 2 minutes later the phone rang and the optician said "We've got some contact lenses here for you." Rather spooky as I'd not ordered any and have only been wearing them for a year.

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Twin Peaks - Secrets Revealed

Ok I've been thinking of how to write a Twin Peaks - Secrets Revealed entry. Problem is in finding a format to hold all the information. Best I could come up with is as follows, although it may be a little dry and unguidelike. The info is taken from hazy memory, so may be inaccurate.

Intro: suggesting that this reveals plotlines and secrets. Provide a link to the "superficial" entry.

Four sections (each as a HEADER in guide-ml)
- Plotlines
- Characters
- Summary of characters
- Objects & themes

Plotlines will contain:
Main plotline (subheader)
- Cooper searching for Laura's murderer, finding out it was Leland, who was possessed by Bob, which leads to the Lodges and eventually Cooper being possessed.

Subplots (subheader) So far I have identified:
- the Andy/Kimmi pregnancy/love affair
- the ownership of the mill
- Norma/Hank - Nadine/her hubby love affair
- Donna being Ben Horne's daughter
- Windom Earle's deadly game of chess
- Bobby & Shelley being lovers
- Harold Green / Meals on Wheels

I think these would be best presented in the order they arrive in the story, which isn't the above.

End of Seasons cliffhangers (subheader)
Series 1 - the sawmill burning down
- who shot Cooper?
- Will Leo survive?
Series 2 - Cooper being possessed

Next section - characters
List each of the characters and their peculiarities. This can contain things that don't make a big plotline e.g. Ben Horne owning One Eyed Jacks. Group characters together as families.

- The FBI - Cooper, Earle, Duchovny, Cole, Dianne
- Palmers - Laura, Leland, Maddie
- Heywards
- The Police - Truman, Andy, Horse, Kimmi
- Hornes - Ben, Jerry, Audrey, Billy?
- Briggs - Major & Bobby
- Jennings - Norma & Hank
- miscellaneous - Jacoby, Blackie, Log Lady

Next section - summary table of characters

A table with 3 columns
- name of the character
- their significant relationships (as at their introduction)
- their secret relationships (as becomes revealed in series)

Special Agent Dale Cooper
- Works for Gordon Cole
- ex-partner of Windom Earle
- falls in love in with Heather Graham (episode 23?)
- object of Audrey's desire
: slept with Windom Earle's ex-wife, Caroline

The things that make the series.

- Owls
- Owl Cave
- White lodge
- Cherry pie

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