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Pern, HHGTTG...

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good plan (not a member of the denial club at A638589)

and you got to stay with all your friends i suppose. fair enough. smiley - smiley

Pern, HHGTTG...

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Munch Dûnadan, The Technical Cynical Heifer & Actor

I made seven pounds twenty seven pence wages (aargh work that out per hour, divide by the minimum wage... smiley - winkeye )

And we didn't get into the finals, but we won the biggest trophy. Not the BEST one, just the one with the most generous provider.

Umm no I didn't have much spare time either, and I have much LESS now!

Hmm I've finished my UCAS too! And I keep getting letters from Durham! Saying nothing but "OK OK we've got your bit of paper, we'll let you know" D'OH! smiley - doh

Hmm. I should be revising for Maths (P2 r) Physics (Mod4) and Politics (Mod4) bye, I'm off to..... well.. chat on the accursed MSN

arrrr smiley - piratesmiley - winkeye


Pern, HHGTTG...

Post 23

good plan (not a member of the denial club at A638589)

thats no way to talk about msn, though it is probably the reason i spend a deal less time on here than i used to, and as for modulars, fret not. all will be fine. i foresee it.

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Pern, HHGTTG...

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