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Engineering and Dancing

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Gotta agree with you about engineering and dancing not being conducive to each other. I'm a software type, and as such even a bigger geek. But I still learned to dance.

Suggestion, though--a buddy of mine has recently undergone a fascinating transformation. From a guy who struggled to get dates to a guy who turned down 4 (gorgeous) women in a week. The answer, as I found it, was expectations. So let's say you learn to're bound to meet women. And if you are a good dancer, that will impress them. So simply flirt, be confident, and don't try anything more. Just head out with the expectation that you're going to flirt, get the interested, and leave it at that. Don't have the expectation that you'll get numbers and bring them home.

Get them interested, and leave. Do this for a while. It works. They will stay interested, you'll build a repoire with a number of women, build up a comfort level, and then eventually you start getting dates. It's amazing. I've managed to do the same thing myself (though I'm not stud material, I have turned down a girl I previously thought would be out of my league and managed to snag a real sweetie at the same time).

Let me know what you think of the theory. It seems to work.

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Engineering and Dancing

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