SCUBA diving, Biking and life in General

Welcome and thank you for digging around and finding my page in this ever deepening and turning pool of online informative excess1

SCUBA Diving

Check out, especially if you live in the SouthEast of England, in and around Leatherhead, Guildford and Kingston-upon-Thames. Mole Valley Sub Aqua Club :SAA101:, the friendliest divers in the UK, if not the world! And in case you are wondering 69 Diving, Ewell Village is definitely not the best Diving shop there is. Try Mike's Waterfront in Acton, or The couple of Scuba Shops in and around the AquaSport Hotel, Portland. Whilst you are in that part of the country give Paul Pike, the Captain of the best Hardboat in the known Universe a try. The Boat is known as 'Divetime', his Soup is legendary and his web site can be found here


In both formats, Motor and 'pushy'.

First, Motorbiking: I have recovered from my unfortunate meeting between me and a Fence at Junction 9 of the M25 (if you know the place, come off the M25 anticlockwise, and at the top of the exit ramp there is a 90 degree bend to the left). I didn't make the corner on the 1st of December 1999, highsided it, got flipped over the metal crash barrier and into the four bar fence that runs almost perpendicular to the road at that point. I have had the steel pin removed from the femur and went skiing a week and a half after they had closed the scars up from the removal operation in Feb 2001. I am now burning around South West London and the surrounding area scaring Volvo drivers and my pillion passenger alike on my gorgeous black steel steed... If you want to do a bit of DreamRaven spotting, I drive an L reg Bandit 400, in black, wear black two piece leathers, a black lid (with de rigeur black visor, natch). My distinctive markings are a swooping hawk laid over Full moon motif on the back of my jacket, a celtic 'cult of the head' skull motif on my left sleeve, and a silver, gold and purple Ying Yang at the base of the spine panel of the jacket. Wave if you see me!!

Second, Cycling: I learnt to ride at about the age of six, and have rarely been off a bicycle since. The scar tissue from this endeavour is more numerous, but less obvious than that discussed in the previous paragraph. At this moment in time I do not use the cycle as much as I used to, due to the triangle I exist within concerning work, home and social. But I do cycle quite a bit in and around the North Downs on my newly acquired 'Mountain Bike', not that there are too many mountains round my way. I used to be a hardened road cyclist, and to be brutally honest my 'mountian bike' has been tweaked to keep to that ideal, semi-slick tyres and a road riding position, to start with.

Get a Bike, Get Pedal Pumping and Have some Fun

Life in General

Is Good, the water is wet (and so is the cider!! Newquay Steam if anyone is offering...), the scar tissue is intriguing and everything gets my vote ('cept politicians, religion and the Millenium Dome).

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