Greetings one and all

Welcome to Gargoyle's homepage. I understand this is where I am supposed to make myself appear interesting and fascinating in order to win friends and influence people in the wild wild world that is H2G2. Umm, err, umm...

Its always so difficult when you have an audience isn't it?

I'm all embarrased now, thinking of people looking at me...

Ho hum...

*Deep breath*

OK, I'm over my nerves now... So where should I start?

Well first of all I'll invite you to sign my slambook. Its a bit like a guestbook, but I get to pick your brains and benefit from your undoubted wisdom too!

If you want to know what other people have said before you sign you can just view my slambook.

A Disclaimer

This is my first attempt at using GuideML, and I've never used HTML either so its a little scary. If it works feel free to congratulate me. If it doesn't work feel free to comiserate with me. If you can offer any useful tips please do. The message I'm trying to get across here is I'd love some feedback.


Why Gargoyle?

I like gargoyles1.

Simple as that.

Well if you want something a little more intellectual...

I find mediaeval gargoyles a fascinating manifestation of the all prevailing nature of religious belief in that period. I like the fact that although they are grotesque they were good servants of God, designed to protect the church from evil spirits. I'm also interested in their function as early political cartoons; the stonemasons often satirised the leading politicians, churchmen and nobility of the day by depicting them as gargoyles.

Any questions? Then lets move on.

About Me.

I'm assuming that as you've come here you want to know something about me. So here are the basics - I'm 27, a history and philosophy graduate, currently unemployed in that capacity2. Instead I do part-time clerical work at the local blood bank. Life at the moment is mostly adjusting to new-motherhood after the birth of my daughter on November 22nd 1999.

If you feel the urge you can email me.

Things I Like3.

Gargoyles, myth, history, chocolate, science-fiction, mystery, candles, dogs, football, thunderstorms, wrestling, darts, ice-cream, folklore, ancient places, computers4, getting paid to surf (visit alladvantage for more details.), music of all sorts except girl/boy bands, chess, the works of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson... & on & on & on...

I also like writing and you can check out stories by myself and other multitalented reseachers at h2g2 fiction.

Things I Dislike.

The usual (intolerance, bigotry, judging people by their appearances, war, murder etc). Also spiders, spam, being pregnant and fireworks that go BANG instead of twinkle twinkle sparkle.

Is there anybody out there?

Who's On H2G2?

If that works there should be a link saying who's here now.

Here endeth this edit. This page was last updated 15th May 2000. Please call again.

1In fact I have quite a collection.2Its a strange thing but there are hardly any vacancies for historical philosphers. I'm prepared to wear the robes and shout "Eureka" a lot, but there are just no opportunities.3In no particular order and with many ommissions.4I'm a keen technophobe, I enjoy messing around on computers but I don't understand them.


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